Mentoring Partnership Program

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Mentoring Partnership Program

About the Mentoring Partnership Program

The Mentoring Partnership Program (MPP) is designed to support Deakin's LIVE the future strategic plan by facilitating mentoring opportunities to support staff in their professional development.

The six month program provides mentors and mentees with an opportunity to work together collaboratively to assist the mentee to achieve specific goals. Mentees are matched to mentors who have strengths and experience in areas that mentees wish to develop.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2016 Mentoring Program are now closed. If you would like to register interest in the 2017 intake please email

Who is the Mentoring Partnership Program for?

The MPP is open to all continuing staff. The program can be of benefit if you are:

  • new to Deakin, Australia or the Higher Education sector and want to gain an understanding of the University
  • in a new role, team, Division, School, Institute or Faculty
  • looking for guidance in your career progression and networking opportunities
  • a mentee from a previous year and want to give back to the program and experience it from a different perspective by becoming a mentor

Program outline

  1. Human Resources call for applications
  2. Staff complete and submit an application form to be a mentee/mentor
  3. Human Resources undertake a matching process
  4. Staff are notified of their match
  5. The Opening Forum is run to launch the program
  6. Mentors and mentees start meeting regularly and will do so throughout the program
  7. The Mid-Point Forum takes place
  8. The program concludes with the Closing Forum

Things to note:

  • It is important that all parties attend and participate in the forums/meetings.
  • There is no cost to participants. It is expected that prior to applying for the program, you speak to your supervisor/manager to seek their approval to be involved.
  • In addition to the Mentoring Partnership Program there are a number of Staff Development courses which can be viewed on the Staff Development Calendar.

For more information, go to the 'Tools for mentees/mentors' section at the bottom of this page or email

Calendar of events

Event Date
Applications open15 February 2016
Applications close4 March 2016
Opening forum 26 May 2016
Mid-point forum 3 August 2016 (Burwood) and 11 August 2016 (Geelong)
Closing forum 11 November 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

What hours must I commit to and how often am I expected to participate?

The hours you commit to are determined between the mentor and the mentee at the Opening Forum. To maximise the experience it is important for mentees and mentors to meet regularly either via phone, videoconference or in person. Participants are also required to attend the three formal sessions - the Opening forum, Midpoint meeting and Closing forum.

Who are the mentors?

A mentor is someone who is an academic staff member, or a general staff member (of HEW 7 or higher) with at least 12 months experience at Deakin University. They will have experience, knowledge and skills in certain areas attractive to mentees.

The aim is that the mentor will provide support or advice in areas identified by their mentee. These areas can cover issues concerning work, life or career, developing options and strategies for coping with particular situations or problems. They may assist in skills development, networking and confidence-building. Above all, a mentor is someone who listens, is accessible and approachable, acts as a guide, facilitator or role model for the mentee.

How are people matched?

Selected participants will be matched as closely as possible to each mentee's identified needs and to the strengths of the available mentors. Your application form will form the basis of the matching process.

We encourage you to consider potential mentors who could provide you with a valuable mentoring experience. HR can also approach a mentor on your behalf.

Please note: Matching is subject to a maximum number of participants - applying to participate does not guarantee inclusion in the program.

What are the potential benefits to mentees?

  • Learn different perspectives from other staff
  • Increase your understanding of the Higher Education sector and Deakin University
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your CV and/or develop a career plan
  • Build your communication skills
  • Enjoy increased collegiality and networking

What are the potential benefits to mentors?

  • Personal fulfilment
  • Contribution to the development of a colleague
  • Share your skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Increase your skills in coaching, listening, influencing, communicating and modelling
  • Build your professional network
  • Share in the achievements and success of your mentee
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