Questions about online invoices

How do I pay?


You can print the PDF version of your invoice by scrolling to the bottom of your invoice and clicking the 'Print Friendly Version' button. Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit, credit card or transaction account. 


You can pay your invoice online by scrolling to the bottom of your invoice and clicking the 'Pay Now' button.

In person

You can pay your invoice at Student Central on any campus by MasterCard, Visa or EFTPOS debit card. Please note cash is not accepted on any campus.

My invoice is taking a long time to generate

Please be patient. The application is calculating your fees to give you the most up-to-date fee data. This may take a few minutes, especially in peak periods.

I get a blank screen

Please try again. If you still get the blank screen please contact Student Central.

I get a red cross and the message says 'No data was processed'

Online Invoices may not be available yet. Check the dates on StudentConnect and make sure you are enrolled in the current trimester. You can do this by clicking on 'Course/Unit inquiry' on the sidebar menu. If you believe there is a problem please contact Student Central.

I get the standard internet message 'Page Not Available'

The application may have timed out. Please try again. If it still doesn't work please contact Student Central.

My fees are wrong on my invoice

Make sure you are looking at the current trimester and are enrolled correctly. You can confirm this by logging on to StudentConnect and clicking on Course/Unit inquiry on the sidebar menu. If you believe there is a problem please contact Student Central.

I just made a payment but it is not appearing on my invoice

Allow 3-4 working days for payments to be processed. If the payment is not appearing after this time please contact Student Central.

I just looked at a past invoice and it says I owe money when I don't

The past invoice option gives you a copy of the last invoice generated for the trimester selected. The details will be current as at the historical date and not today's date. Check the Date of Issue in the top left hand corner to see the date the information was current.

If you believe there is a problem with the information displayed please contact Student Central.

The due date on my invoice is prior to today's date

This means you have generated an invoice today but have overdue fees. These fees should be paid immediately to avoid your enrolment with the University being encumbered or terminated.

I just looked at a past invoice and it says I am enrolled in a unit and there is a fee for it but I know I withdrew early

The past invoice option gives you a copy of the last invoice generated for the trimester selected. If you check the Date of Issue that is in the top left hand corner it should be a date prior to the date you withdrew from the unit.

Nothing happens when I click on the Print Friendly Version button

  1. Check that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed
  2. The PC you are using may have popups blocked in the web browser. Try holding down the control key and then click on the Print Friendly Version button
  3. If this doesn't work please contact Student Central.

I don't have any, or only a few past invoices available in the drop down list in the Past Invoice screen

The "Past invoices" option is a historical record of each time you generated an invoice. If you haven't generated an invoice for a specific period it won't be available for selection as it was never generated. If you can't see the relevant trimester option in the dropdown list and you were enrolled in that trimester you wouldn't have generated an invoice for this period. If you would like an invoice for a past period please contact Student Central or email  You will be able to generate your own invoice via StudentConnect for the current study period.

I just withdrew from all my units and now my invoice will not generate. I get the message 'No data was processed for display on Statement of Account'

This is because you do not owe any fees as you have just withdrawn from all your units.

What if I make a change to my enrolment?

Once you have made a change to your enrolment you must go to the 'Fees and Payments' link on the sidebar menu in StudentConnect and select 'Current Invoice'. A new invoice will be generated which reflects the changes (if any) to your fees.

My online invoice generates ok but I get an error message when I try to access the print friendly version

Have you changed your address online recently? It is likely that you have the ampersand character (&) or a quote character (') somewhere in your address. If you remove these you should be able to generate the print friendly version of your invoice. If this is not the case please contact Student Central.

What does it all mean? How do I read the invoice?

Your enrolment details and fee assessment for the current trimester are shown on your invoice. You should always carefully check the details to ensure they are correct. If you are unsure of the terminology used, Tool Tips are also provided - just hover your mouse over the text and a brief explanation will appear.

Understanding your invoice

View Your Invoice to help you understand what information is on the invoice and what some of the codes mean.

Your invoice has important information about your enrolment and fee liability. All invoices have a due date for payment. It is very important that payment is made by this date to avoid your enrolment being encumbered and/or terminated and subsequent loss of access to critical services such as IT access, DSO, Library, email and StudentConnect.

The following table is a quick reference guide to help you understand all the details on your invoice.

Invoice field Field details
Date of Issue The date the fees were assessed and the invoice produced
Course The course code and title of the course you are currently enrolled in
Unit Code and Title Current unit enrolment details as at the date of issue
Status Enrolment status of unit at date of issue (e.g. Enrolled, discontinued, unconfirmed)
Location Campus at which unit is located
Class Attendance type (e.g. D=on-campus, X=off-campus)
Student Status Indicates chosen payment method. Want more information on your Student Status?
Credit points The number of points the unit will earn towards your degree if the unit is successfully completed
EFTSL Equivalent Full Time Student Load. Credit points undertaken in a given trimester are calculated as a fraction of the full-time annual load - normally 8 credit points. For example, a unit worth 1 credit point would have an EFTSL of 1 divided by 8 or 0.125.
Opening Balance Amount outstanding from a previous trimester
Fee Type Indicates the type of fee you are liable for
Assessed Amount The combined cost of all units displayed on your invoice
Discount The discount applied (10%) if you are in a Commonwealth supported place ( CSP ) and have chosen to make a full upfront payment or a partial payment in excess of $500.
Sponsor Amount Amount assessed that the sponsor must pay (if applicable)
Student Payments Any payments made prior to the date of issue
Sponsor Payments Payments that sponsors have made prior to the date of issue
Student Amount Outstanding Amount owing for that Fee Type
Total Amount Due Total amount owing for all Fee Types

How do I generate an invoice for a past period?

You can access past generated invoices through StudentConnect, by selecting the 'View archived invoices'.  The invoice generated will be current as at the date it was originally generated.

If you require a more up to date historic invoice or have requested an invoice but not yet received it please contact Student Central for assistance.

Need more detailed fee information?

More detailed information on fee rates for domestic and international students can be found Fees.

What if my invoice is wrong or I need help?

If any of the information is incorrect or incomplete or you are experiencing difficulties generating your invoice contact Student Central for assistance.

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