Masters Qualifying Program withdrawal dates and refunds for international students

Masters Qualifying Program withdrawal dates and refunds for International students

You can find the refund dates, percentages and academic outcomes for international students who withdraw from study.

For those new international students who have withdrawn after having paid their fees, the refund policy allows:

  • 90%* refund is payable if the student withdraws from unit(s) at least 4 weeks prior to start of teaching period;
  • 50%* refund is payable if the student withdraws between 4 weeks prior to the start of teaching period and the census date of the relevant unit(s); and
  • no refund is payable if the student withdraws after census date

* If detailed in your Letter of Offer a $3000 non-refundable amount will be retained if you withdraw from your studies, prior to the census date of your first teaching period.  Please refer to your Letter of Offer for details.

For students withdrawing and have not paid their fees, their enrolment will be terminated for non-payment of fees, but they will not incur a debt of 50% of tuition fees.

The retention of 10% of the fees for commencing students is in recognition of the additional costs involved in administering the initial enrolment of international students.

Fee refunds will be given for withdrawal from the course or from units as per the following table:

2017 study period withdrawal dates

        Study period withdrawal 2017 dates showing refund amount and relevant academic result.
Refund amount Academic Result Study Period 1 2017 Withdrawal date Study Period 2 2017 Withdrawal dateStudy Period 3 2017 Withdrawal date
90%* refund WE (Withdrawn Early) Up to 5 February Up to 4 June Up to 1 October
50%* refund WE (Withdrawn Early) 6 February to 31 March 5 June to 21 July2 October to 17 November
Nil WL (Withdrawn Late) 1 April to 28 April           22 July to 25 August18  November to  22 December
Nil WN (Withdrawn Fail) 29 April to 26 May26 August to 23 September23 December to 26 January 2018
NilN (Fail)From 27 MayFrom 24 SeptemberFrom 27 January 2018
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