Academic progress 2012

Academic Progress is a process where the University monitors each student’s academic progress to ensure that they are making satisfactory progress towards completing their degree.

The academic progress timelines are set out in theAcademic Progress: Show Cause and Appeals Schedule for 2012 (PDF 45KB)

Academic progress at Deakin University is governed by the following Statutes and Regulation of the University:

Faculty Committees will review the Academic Progress of students after each trimester to identify students who have made unsatisfactory Academic Progress and students who are at risk of unsatisfactory Academic Progress.

Students are considered to have made unsatisfactory Academic Progress, when:

  • they have failed at least 50 per cent of credit points in each the preceding two trimesters, or
  • they have failed a unit twice, or
  • they have failed a compulsory practicum or placement, or
  • they will not complete their course within the Maximum Period of Study.

Students are considered to be at risk of unsatisfactory Academic Progress when:

  • they have failed one or more units in a trimester, or
  • they are unlikely to complete their course within the Maximum Period of Study.

Further information on the process of notification, Show Cause and Appeals can be found in;

  • the 'Academic Progress in Higher Education Award Courses procedure' # and
  • the 'Academic Hearings: Rules of Procedure' #
  • Academic Progress

Maximum period of study

The formula to calculate the Maximum Period of Study is 2n + 1u (not including periods of intermission)

  • n = the time taken to complete the equivalent full time load, normally 8 credit points per year, and
  • u = year/trimester, depending on the unit of measure of n.

# Procedures, policies or legislation from this year may have been replaced with revised or new versions and the links to these documents have been removed. To access documents relevant to this year, please email the Records Unit.

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