Credit transfer and recognition at Deakin

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL), Advanced Standing and Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) are terms used by Deakin University to describe the recognition of prior study or experience towards your Deakin degree.

On what basis can I be given credit?

Deakin recognises formal, informal and non-formal learning.

Formal learning

Formal learning is learning that takes place through an accredited course or qualification.

Informal and non-formal learning

Informal learning is learning gained through work or life experiences.

Non-formal learning is learning gained through a structured program of learning that does not lead to an officially accredited qualification.

What types of credit does Deakin offer?

Deakin offers both specified and unspecified credit for prior studies.

Specified credit

Specified credit is credit that is given towards a specific Deakin unit. This is normally from a formal learning environment.

Unspecified credit

Unspecified credit allows students to gain credit points towards their course. These credit points will sit in place of elective units in a course, therefore reducing the number of required electives.

How much credit can I expect?

When assessing your application for credit, Deakin will need to ensure that your previous study meets the standards set by the Australian Qualifications Framework. In this way, you can be sure that your qualification is of the highest quality and benchmarked across all courses at the same level in Australia.

Deakin academic staff will look for evidence of the following when assessing your previous study:

  • the comparability and equivalence of your learning outcomes (the level of your previous study)
  • the volume of learning undertaken (the length of your previous study)
  • the content of your previous study (eg, unit guide or handbook unit description)
  • the learning and assessment approaches taken by your previous institution

The Deakin University Credit for Prior Learning Database will give you an example of the credit that may be awarded based on studies you have done at other Australian and international institutions. You can search for approved credit by institution or by course. The database is particularly useful if you have completed a course elsewhere at another tertiary institution in Australia or overseas.

Credit for TAFE diplomas

If you have completed an Australian TAFE course (at Diploma level or above), you may be able to gain the following unspecified credit towards your Deakin degree:

  • TAFE Diploma courses: Up to 8 credit points (equivalent to one [1] year of study at Deakin) into a Bachelor Degree
  • TAFE Advanced Diploma and Associate Degree courses: Up to 12 credit points (equivalent to one and half [1.5] years of study at Deakin) into a Bachelor Degree

Specified credit of up to 8 credit points for a TAFE Diploma and 12 credit points for a TAFE Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree will be considered on a case by case basis.

Credit for partially completed TAFE diplomas

Credit for partially completed TAFE awards will also be assessed on a case by case basis.

Credit for TAFE Certificate IV

Credit for TAFE Certificate IV qualifications, other than those specifically approved by Faculty Board, is generally not permitted.

Credit will not be granted:

  • for prior learning assessed as a Fail, Pass Conceded or equivalent grade (including ungraded TAFE units)
  • for prior learning or experience completed more than 10 years ago
  • for prior learning that does not fit into Deakin course rules
  • for more than two thirds of a course
  • provisionally, ie, on the basis that you must meet additional requirements

How do I apply for Arts and Education credit at Deakin?

To apply for credit, you will need to complete the following two steps:

  1. Complete the Arts and Education online application form
  2. Email the following documents to
  • CERTIFIED copy of your academic transcript
  • key to results

If specific credit is sought, you will also need to:

  • identify a Deakin unit/s that matches your previous study
  • provide a detailed unit guide for each unit completed at your previous institution. Detailed guides should include the details of the unit's structure, credit point weighting, learning outcomes and assessments.

Applications for specified credit will not be processed without this information.

It is recommended that you apply for credit at the time that you apply for admission to your course. If you want credit for any part of your course that is being taught in your commencing trimester, you must submit your application at least 1 month prior to the commencement of that trimester.

You will receive an auto-generated email confirming receipt of your application. Please try to keep a copy of your application and details.

What is a certified document?

When an official document is copied it must be certified by a Justice of The Peace. Further information about certified copies can be found at:

Please note that you must submit certified copies only of your supporting documents as originals will not be returned.

What happens after I apply?

A formal assessment of CPL will usually take up to three weeks to be processed. At peak times of the trimester, however, this process may take longer. You will be notified via email of the outcome of your application. It is then your responsibility to go into StudentConnect and make adjustments to your enrolment, if necessary.

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