Re-enrolment for 2017

All students must re-enrol to study every year.
Re-enrolment for 2017 opens on 1 September 2016.
Timely re-enrolment concludes on 30 September 2016.

Late re-enrolment may still be possible after this period although a late re-enrolment fee will apply, please check your Deakin email for details.

Intermitted Students

If you are currently intermitted and plan to return in 2017 you must re-enrol for 2017 to ensure you keep your place in your course. It is important to re-enrol for both Trimester 1 and Trimester 2 in 2017.

Course Transfer and Re-enrolling

If you have applied for or intend to apply for a course transfer at the end of the current trimester, you must still re-enrol within the given dates for re-enrolment, even while waiting for the outcome of your course transfer or other application. If you are approved for a course transfer, your enrolment will be altered when your application is processed.

For assistance with re-enrolment please contact your student services office at one of these campuses:

  • Burwood: 924 68100
  • Geelong: 522 71359
  • Warrnambool: 556 33489

How do I re-enrol for 2017?

All students must re-enrol to study each year.

  • You must re-enrol online via StudentConnect which is accessible through DeakinSync
  • Your re-enrolment should include all units you intend to study in all Trimesters.
  • In September there will be multiple drop in sessions across our campuses to help you with enrolment.

Plan your study

Plan Your Study

  • Each course has relevant information which includes specific rules, the structure of units required to successfully complete and may include information about accreditation and professional recognition. Review your studies to date and choose what units you will undertake in 2017
  • Consult the online handbook to help plan your re-enrolment and check you are meeting course requirements and enrolling in the correct units in StudentConnect

Enrol into units

Enrol into units

  • At this step, you will be required to select your units and appropriate study location. You need to ensure you check that the units you choose have the appropriate location you wish to enrol in.
  • Remember to select units for both trimesters in 2017.

Review your enrolment

Review your enrolment

  • You will need to confirm and check that all of your details are correct.
  • Verify you meet course rules and you have enrolled in the correct number of units. Review using your Checklist and the Handbook.
  • Record (and print) your receipt number and if you require proof of your enrolment for Government purposes, print evidence of enrolment via the sidebar menu option.
  • If you are satisfied with everything you have provided, you can finish the process by logging out.

If you need help in planning your re-enrolment, or have specific questions regarding your course, please contact the Faculty Student Services office at your campus.

If you do not re-enrol by the deadline, you may incur a $220 late re-enrolment fee or your enrolment may be discontinued. If your enrolment is discontinued you will need to apply for re-admission

Units offered Tri3 2016

Trimester 3 commences Monday 7 November 2016

Download Trimester 3 Arts Units flyer (PDF, 706.4 KB)


The DUSA Bookshop is your bookstore at Deakin University campuses in Burwood, Geelong and Warrnambool. The bookstores stock textbooks, reference books, Deakin course materials, general books, stationery and gifts.

You can check if there are any recommended books for you to buy by searching the 'Student Booklist' section on the DUSA bookshop website.

Cloud Deakin

'Cloud Deakin' is Deakin's virtual learning environment and is central to the Deakin learning experience. Cloud Deakin is used to deliver web-based course/unit material, assessment tasks and facilitate communication and collaboration between staff and students.

You can access Cloud Deakin for all your units on the following website:

Got a question? Who should I contact?

Got a question? Who should I contact?

Important Notice: Many courses have undergone unit changes from 2016, so if you are in any doubt about which units you should be selecting for 2017 re-enrolment, please contact the Student Services office at your campus.

For course specific and enrolment enquiries, please contact the Faculty of Arts and Education's Student Services offices below:

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Tel: +61 3 5227 1359

Melbourne Burwood Campus
Tel: +61 3 9246 8100

Warrnambool Campus
Tel: +61 3 5563 3489

Off Campus Distance Education
Tel: +61 3 5227 1359

Tel: +61 3 9246 8100


Tel: +61 3 9246 8100 or +61 3 5227 1359

New Indigenous Studies elective

Second year elective, open to all Deakin students

IND201 - Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences: Historical Journeys - Contemporary Perspectives

Watch the Introduction to the Unit on YouTube

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