Global Education Program (GEP)

The Global Education Program (GEP) is a teaching practicum experience that offers pre-service teachers a diverse range of experiences in educational settings beyond Victoria, Australia. In 2016, the GEP will travel to the Northern Territory, Vanuatu, Canada, Nepal, Switzerland, and Malaysia (Jan '17).

Past participants in the program often claim the experience as the highlight of their pre-service teaching course. The personal and professional benefits of engaging in an international or remote community experience are demonstrable. It challenges pre-service teachers to think about, deal with, and appreciate cultural and educational knowledge and/or practices and perspectives different from their own. And the result is the development of a broader range of teaching and learning approaches and a more global perspective on education.

If you missed the September 2015 information sessions about the 2016 GEP, you can find the presentation at: GEP Presentation.

GEP Canada student teaching class


Select destination for more information.

Please note:

The following information on destinations is based on 2016 programs. Students interested in a GEP in 2017 are welcome to come to an information session in mid-late September. Applications for 2017 GEP programs will open in March 2017. 

Please note: destinations, program dates, eligibility and unit availability can change each year.


Available for

Approx. dates 2016



Applications for 2016 now closed.

Primary E359 and Secondary D347/D351/E377 30 October - 27 November, 2016

Sue Bennett

Lisa Shuck


Applications for 2016 now closed.

Primary E359 and Secondary D347/D351/E377 18 June - 9 July 2016

John Cripps-Clark

Peta White

Northern Territory

Applications for 2016 now closed.

Primary E359, Secondary D347/D351/E377 and Master of Teaching. August: 11 August - 17 September, 2016
October: 8 - 28 October, 2016

Julie Dyer

Glenn Auld


Applications for 2016 now closed.

Primary E359 only

20 October - 11 November, 2016

Leicha Bragg

Shelley Hannigan


Applications for 2016 now closed.

Primary E359 only 

23 October - 25 November, 2016

Heather Wallace


Application for 2016 now closed. 

Primary E359 and Secondary D347/D351/E377January 2017

Rod Neilsen

Applying for the Global Education Program


Eligibility for GEP participation is restricted to students who have successfully completed a local practicum and are in at least the third year of their undergraduate education course, or have successfully completed EPR701 in the Master of Teaching. 

To be eligible, students must be currently enrolled one of these courses:

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Science)/Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Health and Physical Education
  • Master of Teaching

And have a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of at least 50 at time of application*.

*exception can be made for Master of Teaching students applying for GEP NT during their first trimester of study.

The GEP can be undertaken either as:

  • a replacement for an approved placement that would normally be undertaken in your studies,
    OR -
  • a component in the elective unit EEG402 - Teaching in a Global World (not available in all courses)

See below 'Approved units for the GEP'  for detail on approved units for each destination.

Costs and funding your GEP

Studying overseas or interstate doesn't need to break the bank!

You may eligible for assistance from an OS-HELP Loan, WIL Support Bursary or a Faculty Travel Grant, to help with the cost of travel, accommodation and program costs.

See Arts and Education Financial Assistance for more information.

New Colombo Plan scholarships in 2016:

We are pleased to announce there will be New Colombo Plan funding for the following GEP destinations in 2016:

  • Nepal: 15 scholarships at $3000 each
  • Vanuatu: 13 scholarships at $2000 each
  • Malaysia: 10 scholarships at $3000 each

All students selected for one of these destinations will be considered for a New Colombo Plan scholarship. No additional application is required.

Applicants will be assessed based on a combination of the following criteria: social-economic status, first international experience with Deakin, Weighted Average Mark (WAM) and personal statements in online application for GEP.

Travel Insurance

We know insurance is boring, but registering your travel insurance the most important thing you will organise for your program. As a Deakin student travelling on a Deakin program, the great news is your travel insurance is complimentary. The insurance provided will even cover you for up to 10 days of leisure travel absolutely free! How cool is that!

If you have leisure travel of more than 10 days, you can purchase an extended insurance plan through QBE.

BUT – you need to register for your travel insurance, it is not automatic (except GEP Northern Territory, who are automatically insured for the duration on their Australian placement).

For all international GEP programs, you will find a link to the registration form the in the DeakinAbroad Portal, once you are made an offer into a GEP program.

You can find more information at:

How to apply for GEP

Applications for 2016 will open in early Trimester 1. Now is the time to get planning and organised.

  1. Think about which destination or destinations you'd want to apply for. When does the program run? Is the program available to students in your course? How will you pay for your program?
  2. Come along to an GEP Information Session in early Trimester 1 2016.  Dates, times and locations to be advised in February 2016.
  3. Plan your course. Talk to a Course Adviser for course planning advise and Professional Experience about which practicum unit/s you will have available in 2016.
Contact a Course AdviserContact Professional Experience Office 

Once applications for 2016 open in March:

  1. Prepare your application. Take note of application deadlines, they may vary for some destinations. Your application will need to include:
    • Online application through the Deakin Abroad Application Portal. (Except for Northern Territory. NT applications will be via separate form.) Online application portal will be available after the information sessions in early Trimester 1 2016.
    • In your online application, you will be asked to nominate whether you intend to take your GEP as an elective with EEG402 Teaching in the Global World, or which professional experience unit your GEP will replace. Please refer below to 'Approved units for the GEP'
  2. Your application will be assessed after the closing date. Professional Experience will review your listed unit and determine suitability.
    If you are short-listed you will be invited to an interview with the academic program co-ordinators.
  3. You will be contacted via email with your application outcome after your interview. If you are accepted into a GEP, congratulations! The Arts & Education Work Integrated Learning team will advise how and where to accept your place.
    All GEPs taking place outside of Australia will be asked to register their travel on the Deakin Abroad Portal. This is a mandatory part of studying overseas with Deakin. 
  4. If you intending to apply for an OS-HELP Loan, you should submit your OS-HELP application as soon as you receive your offer and have accepted your place.

Approved units for the GEP

In your online application you will be asked to nominate whether you intend to take your GEP as an elective with EEG402 Teaching in the Global World, or which professional experience unit your GEP will replace.

Refer to the information below for listing of approved units for each course and GEP destination.

Students should speak with a course adviser in Student Services, to determine if their course will allow inclusion of a Global Education Program in 2016.

Primary undergraduate units

Bachelor of Education (Primary) E359





Vanuatu June/July




Malaysia June/July




Northern Territory Aug



ETP401 (B)*

Northern Territory Oct



ETP401 (B)*

Canada Oct/Nov




Switzerland Oct/Nov




Nepal Oct/Nov




Malaysia Jan '17


* ETP401 for GEP Northern Territory must be negotiated with the Professional Experience Office before submitting an application.

Secondary undergraduate units

Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts D347

Bachelor of Health and Physical Education E377

Bachelor of Teaching (Science)/Bachelor of Science D351




Vanuatu June/July



Northern Territory October



Nepal Nov/Oct



Malaysia Jan '17EPP305*

* EPP305 only for E377 Health/PE students going to GEP Malaysia. D347 and D351 should complete EEG402 Teaching in a Global World with Malaysia.

Master of Teaching unit

Master of Teaching


Northern Territory August (5 weeks)


Single strands: Primary, Secondary
Dual strands: Primary/Secondary

EPR703Single strands: Primary, Secondary

Contact us

If you have any questions about applying for a Global Education Program, you are welcome to contact the Faculty of Arts and Education Work Integrated Learning (WIL) team.

Contact Work Integrated Learning

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