Host organisations

Hosting a Deakin intern within your organisation can be a great experience.

Deakin students can bring a new and fresh approach to your projects. They're eager to learn and gain-real world experience ot help them in their career journey. Hosting a Deakin student for an internship with your organisation is an effective way to identify talent: you never know, your intern may become your future employee.

Internship experiences

The Faculty of Arts and Education offers a range of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences to out students including overseas study tours, workshops and internships. Internship experiences comprise a placement with a host organisation, and reflective assessment tasks to reinforce students' understanding and interpretation of the workplace, which contribute as credit towards their degree. Our internship processes are flexible to ensure they suit almost any organisation, and cover part-time, full-time, unpaid and paid placements.

Faculty of Arts and Education students are able to participate in internship experiences in the following areas:

Communication and Creative Arts Humanities and Social Sciences
Journalism, Media & Communications Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies
Public Relations International Relations
Photography History, Sociology & Anthropology
Animation and Motion Capture International and Community Development
Dance & Drama Politics and Policy Studies
Film & Television Middle East Studies
Literary Studies Religions & Philosophy
Professional & Creative Writing Criminology
Visual Arts Language and Culture Studies, including:
Visual Communication Design/Graphic Design Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Indonesian

Host organisation benefits

By hosting a Deakin student, you organisation will benefit from:

  • The assistance of a motivated student who brings the latest theories, techniques and ideas to your organisation.
  • The support of Deakin staff and promotion of your organisation to students and the wider Deakin community.
  • A reduced or zero cost contribution, depending on placement arrangements.
  • Access to later-year students, and an opportunity to see them perform within your organisation prior to them entering the job market at the end of their course.
  • Students available to assist on special projects.

Internships in the Arts:

Communication and Creative Arts 

Animation & Motion CaptureDanceDrama
Film & TelevisionJournalismLiterary Studies
MediaPhotographyProfessional & Creative Writing
Public RelationsVisual ArtsVisual Communication & Design

Humanities and Social Sciences

Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies HistoryInternational & Community Development
International RelationsInternational StudiesSociology
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