Professional Communication Internship

The ALR382 Professional Communication Internship is a core unit for students A325 Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations) or Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations).

Students must have successfully completed ALR279 Public Relations Management, or be enrolled in ALR279 for Trimester 2, 2017.

ALR382 Professional Communication Internship (2 credit points) is made up of two parts:

PART 1 - Placement
October 2017 - February 2018
160 hour work placement. Hours need to be completed no later than Friday 2 March, 2018.
PART 2 - Weekly seminars
March - May 2018 (Trimester 1, 2018) Weekly seminars; placement reflection, industry guests and career development strategies.


Students will only be able to self-enrol into ALR382 once they have registered the details of their placement and can demonstrate their 160 hours would be completed no later than Friday 2 March.

If a student commences an approved placement prior before end of Trimester 2 and upon result release do not pass the pre-requisite ALR279 Public Relations Management, their placement hours will be void and will not contribute towards their ALR382 Professional Communication Internship. Students in this position will be required to complete a new placement the following year, once they can demonstrate successful completion of ALR279.

Preparation and planning is key

Students will have the best success with their core placement if they commence their research and preparation for their placement early. Students are encouraged to start planning for their placement in July/August.

To be able to complete 'Part 2' weekly seminars in Trimester 1, 2018, students will have completed their 160 hour placement between October and February.

Below is a suggested timeline.

WhenRecommended tasks and activities
Now - August


August - October


  • Reach out, network and speak with potential host organisation to secure placement.
  • Negotiate tasks, goals, hours and supervision arrangements.
  • DeakinTALENT can help students with tips and tricks for connecting with potential host organisations.
  • Check out UniHub for internship vacancies advertised through Deakin.


October - February

PART 1 - Placement

  • Students complete 160 placement hours no later than Friday 2 March, 2018.
  • Students maintain a daily diary and weekly timesheet. Both the diary and timesheet will be submitted as part of the students' assessment in Trimester 1. The timesheet template will be emailed to students as part of their internship confirmation. A copy of the timesheet template can also be located on the Professional Communication Internship page of the Arts & Education Work Integrated Learning Blog.
March 2018

PART 2 - Weekly seminars

  • Trimester 1, 2018 / ALR382 enrolment. Commence weekly seminars.


Regarding preparation, submitting an internship application or enrolment:

Contact Work Integrated Learning

Unit Chair and academic supervisor:

Bronwyn Kirby, Lecturer in Communication - Public Relations.

Phone: 03 5227 1336 Email:

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