Work based learning

Work based learning (WBL) unit allow students to identify a business problem in their current place of employment, and be eligible for a credit toward their degree.

A key advantage of WBL is that it is available to students already in paid employment*, allowing them to participate in WIL units without having to forgo hours in their paid role. WBL allows a student to identify and apply coursework theories and practices to address a real problem within their organisation.

*You must have been working with your current organisation for more than six months.

The program aims to:

  • enhance and apply academic learning in the workplace
  • critically appraise and demonstrate development of discipline specific knowledge, skills and dispositions required for advancement in a professional setting
  • allow employers access to the latest in academic knowledge and skills through their employee
  • develop citizenship, generic skills and graduate learning outcomes that enhance future employment.

Application process has changed. You must now apply via InPlace.

  1. How do I log into InPlace?

    InPlace is separate to Cloud Deakin and Student Connect. Current Deakin students are able to access the InPlace website.

  2. Where do I get my InPlace username and password?

    Students use their current Deakin University username and password

  3. Do I need to submit any other documentation to complete my self-placement?

    Yes. Students are required to attach the Host form (DOCX, 137 KB) and a copy of their current resume to your application.

    Please ensure you upload one document only in each section.  If you have multiple pages/files you will need to merge them into a single document.

    If your placement is outside of Australia, you will need to complete the International Host form (DOCX, 136 KB) and include with your application.

  4. What happens once I submit my self-placement?

    The WIL team will assess your application and will notify you through InPlace on whether application has been ‘successful’ or not successful within five to ten business days.

  5. Why was my self-placement ‘not successful’?

    There are many reasons as to why a student’s self-placement was not successful. It can be as simple as the student has not attached all of the required documentation or has incorrectly filled out their self-placement.

    Details on the reasons as to why the application was unsuccessful are available through the ‘InPlace Self Placement Dropbox’.

    If the unsuccessful application details are more complex, students may have to talk to a WIL team member.

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