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HDR Director, Dr Joshua Newton

I would like to personally welcome to Deakin our new T1 PhD cohort. As I said at their induction session, being a PhD student requires that you inhabit four very different roles:

  • Scholar (regularly reading the A** journals in your discipline, getting involved in your department’s research activities, discussing research with your peers)
  • Marathon runner (developing sustainable work habits, maintaining focus, being self-directed)
  • Seller of ideas (learning to write and communicate clearly and concisely, persuasively pitching your work to different audiences)
  • Project manager (balancing competing timelines, distinguishing the urgent from the important)

May you all become adept at developing each of these roles!

Confirmations and Oral Presentations

For students who commenced after August 2015, confirmation presentations (but not the panel discussion) are to be open to a wider audience. HDR Candidates will deliver an oral presentation and verbal defence of the research proposal to members of the Department, School or Faculty and confirmation panel, prior to the confirmation panel meeting.  The oral presentation should be between 20 - 30 minutes in length and be followed by 10-15 minutes for questions, comments and feedback from members of the audience.

The oral presentation serves the dual purpose of assessing the candidate’s understanding of the research proposal while also giving them the opportunity to explain the rationale behind their study and to verbally defend their research plan. General audience members listen to the oral presentation and are welcome to participate in the question period. When the open question period ends, audience members depart to allow the Confirmation Panel Meeting to proceed.  An invitation will be sent to Departmental academic staff and respective HDR students one week prior to the scheduled confirmation. The HDR candidate is welcome to invite other people as well.

PhD Xtra

All new students are enrolled in the PhD Xtra program and must meet some limited additional requirements to complete their degree.

All current students can opt into the new features and benefits to maximise opportunity for an enhanced learning experience and improved career prospects.

Log into DeakinSync now to access systems and browse research training available at Deakin.

PhD Xtra

Deakin HDR Workshops

Apr 12BC7.103 (B) VMP 39304Peter BeechInduction
Apr 24BC7.103 (B) VMP 39304Peter BeechConfirmation Workshop 1
Apr 26BC7.103 (B) VMP 39304Peter BeechConfirmation Workshop 2
Apr 26BC7.103 (B) VMP 39304Peter BeechReaching the end/Reaching Out
Apr 28JB3.302 (G) VMP 39304Amanda MooneyInduction

BUiLD Workshops

Reflections on Publishing in the AMJ - Professor Jason Shaw: issues related to publishing in AMJ as well as publishing in the world’s most elite journals more broadly.
Wednesday 12 April, Burwood and Waterfront

Research Finance and Project Management – Deakin University Finance Staff and Academics: an opportunity to improve key skills for successful project acquittal.
Thursday 20 April, Burwood and Waterfront

To register for these events please visit the BUiLD events webpage. Please note: places are strictly limited.

HDR Research Funding News

HDR Publication Incentive Scheme

We are delighted to announce that for students who have a paper accepted for publication in an A/A*/A** journal during their PhD candidature (including while their thesis is under examination, but prior to completion) will receive a cash prize commensurate to journal ranking and authorship position (see Table 1). There will be no limit to the number of times a student can receive this prize over the course of their candidature.

Journal rank

Authorship position



1st author



Other author position



1st author



Other author position



1st author



Other author position


Table 1: Value of the prizes associated with the HDR student publication incentive scheme

Eligibility criteria

  • Journal rankings will be drawn from the Business and Law Quality Journals List.
  • Deakin continuing staff who are currently completing their PhD at Deakin will not be eligible to receive this award.
  • A journal acceptance email must be provided before students can claim this prize. To be eligible, this acceptance email must be issued during the student’s candidature (including while their thesis is under examination).
  • If the paper is a multi-authored study, a confirmatory email from the other paper authors articulating the student’s authorship position will need to be provided. The other paper authors will also need to confirm that the student has placed Deakin as their institutional affiliation.
  • Journal acceptance emails issued from 1 Jan 2017 onwards will be eligible for this prize.

Application process

To apply for this prize, please email the following documents to

  • Journal acceptance email
  • For multi-authored papers, an email from the other paper authors confirming:
    • The student’s author position
    • That the student has placed Deakin as their institutional affiliation on the paper

HDR Funding Changes

The two separate funding grants have now been combined to provide a one funding grant. HDR Candidates may apply for funds to present a paper at a conference and other research expenditures up to a maximum of $8,000 over the whole period of candidature. Funding is unlikely to be approved pre-confirmation, but there may be exceptions to this. Students must prepare a Research Funds expenditure plan as part of the confirmation process.

Details will be made available shortly. In the meantime please email if you have funding application query

HDR Related Travel Policy

Meet Your Faculty Liaison Librarians

Profile picture of Sharon Chua Deakin Librarian

Sharon Chua
+61 3 9244 6652
Melbourne Burwood Campus
Management, Marketing, Information Systems and Business Analytics

Todd Orme
+61 3 5227 2398
Geelong/Warrnambool Campuses
Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Information Systems and Business Analytics

Profile picture of Simone Tyrell Deakin Librarian

Simone Tyrell
+61 3 9244 6321
Melbourne Burwood Campus
Accounting, Economics, Finance

Michelle Bendall
+61 3 9246 8367
Deakin Law School
Melbourne Burwood Campus

Profile picture of Helen Wood Deakin Librarian

Helen Wood
+61 3 5227 2725
Tuesday to Thursday
Deakin Law School
Geelong & Warrnambool Campuses

Scholars’ Room

Level 1 of the Library at Melbourne Burwood Campus offers a very attractive Scholars’ Area (V1.01) for academics and HDR students needing a quiet research, collaborative or thinking space. The space is available, via swipe card access, to HDR students. Follow the below steps to register for access:

PhD students (not working as casual general staff/academics), will select the following:

  • “a new access card”
  • Kim Phu as the campus approver/authoriser
  • Room details: V1.01

Congratulations to HDR students currently Under Examination: Dec 2016 – 6 Feb 2017

ElkaJohnssonDepartment of Accounting
Matthew PeterLarkinDepartment of Economics
NourinShabnamDepartment of Economics
Cong TamTrinhDepartment of Economics
RobinVisserDepartment of Economics
DeepaBannigidadmathDepartment of Finance
JunaidahJailaniDepartment of Management
LingQiDepartment of Information Systems and Business Analytics
ZiChongDepartment of Information Systems and Business Analytics
ChristineMcLachlanDepartment of Information Systems and Business Analytics
DinithiPallegedaraDeakin Law School
TheodosiosAlexanderDeakin Law School
Qiuyue JasmineWangDeakin Law School
MatthewStoreyDeakin Law School - Doctorate of Business Administration

Congratulations! HDR Completions: Dec 2016 – 6 Feb 2017

Lan AnhTongDepartment of Economics
Thu HuongNguyenDepartment of Economics
ZhansuluBaikenovaDepartment of Economics
Vuong ThaoTranDepartment of Finance
Ian MichaelBowerDepartment of Management
Po-JuiWuDepartment of Management
WayneReadDepartment of Marketing
Maria AlejandraPinero De PlazaDepartment of Marketing
MdManirujjamanDepartment of Marketing
Helen JaneRichardsonDepartment of Information Systems and Business Analytics
Rachel AnneCarterDeakin Law School

HDR student Rachel Carter accepts her PhD with Professor Jane den Hollander AO, Vice-Chancellor

Rachel Carter (who is based in Paris but travelled back to Australia for the event) with Prof Jane den Hollander AO, Vice-Chancellor.

Successful students gain PhDs -  Mina Roshan Kokhaba, Prof Jane den Hollander AO, Vice-Chancellor, Md. Manirujjaman, James Adonopoulos, Ian Bower, Wayne Read, Po-Jui Wu.

Mina Roshan Kokhaba, Prof Jane den Hollander AO, Vice-Chancellor, Md. Manirujjaman, James Adonopoulos, Ian Bower, Wayne Read, Po-Jui Wu.

Campus Security Reminder

Be aware of your personal safety on campus and secure your belongings in Buildings EA and EC.

Please use your lockable cupboards to secure personal items as Deakin cannot take responsibility for loss or damage.

SafeZone- Download and use the free app that connects you directly with Deakin’s Security Services.

Safety tips when out and about- Personal safety tips for students on and off campus.

Safety tips when on campus- Personal safety tips for students and staff when moving around campus.

Safer Community - Learn more about the Safer Community service

Security Escorts

Deakin Security Services provides a free 24/7 service and can be booked by contacting Security by phone or by using the Help button on the SafeZone app. We recommended that you call Security at least 10 minutes prior to the requested time.

Deakin Security recommends you try to avoid walking alone on campus at night. Parking your vehicle close to the centre of campus will help. Parking regulations in general parking zones are relaxed from 4.30 pm onwards.

Building EC Post Graduate Common Room has now been converted to a classroom. Please use the EA Level 2 Kitchen, and the Lounge Room/Meeting Room EA2.25.

HDR Support For inquiries regarding Ethics approval for research projects involving humans.

For all HDR matters and general research inquiries.

For inquiries regarding research publications and recording these on Elements for the HERDC.

  • HDR student representative position on the Faculty Board is currently Vacant
  • HDR student Robin Visser is your representative on the Faculty HDR Committee (2016)

Deakin University
Melbourne Burwood Campus,
221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, VIC 3125
+61 3 9246 8401
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