Bachelor of Commerce changes

Bachelor of Commerce rejuvenated course information

The Deakin Bachelor of Commerce is a professionally-oriented degree which offers you a solid business foundation, and flexible opportunities to specialise in a range of exciting careers.

In Trimester 1, 2016, our rejuvenated Bachelor of Commerce (M300) will incorporate more in-depth majors and better align students with the needs of specialised areas.

Students who commenced study prior to T1, 2016, have the option to transfer to this version or remain in their current course, pending criteria discussed below. The biggest changes include moving from ten to eight core units and majors consisting of eight units, with some units archived and others re-coded.

Some majors are also being archived and will no longer be offered from 2016. For students enrolled in the pre-2016 structure, transition arrangements have be made to ensure these majors can still be completed.

The updated structure of the Bachelor of Commerce can be found in the 2016 Handbook

For students who commenced prior to 2016, please visit the Handbook archives.


Students who wish to transition can request to have their progression assessed to ensure they can meet the course requirements of the rejuvenated structure. This request must be made via email and sent from the students Deakin email account directly to the Faculty of Business and Law.

Key points to note:

  • Students who opt to transition cannot change back to the pre-2016 structure.
  • Students who transfer will not be able to complete the archived majors. Students who remain in the pre-2016 structure will be able to complete the archived majors as per the Transition Arrangements sent to their Deakin email account on September 4, 2015. The Transition Arrangements documents can also be requested from the Faculty of Business and Law.

To avoid the need to fill out a course transfer form, students should contact the faculty by October 30, 2015, requesting to transition into the rejuvenated structure. Please note, weighted average mark (WAM) will not affect a students ability to transition.

Students who are permitted to transfer will be processed prior to the commencement of T1, 2016. The faculty will contact students within ten working days of receiving the request in regarding the students ability to transition.

Unit code and level changes

As part of the transition, 17 units have been re-coded. This is to reflect each unit’s assessment level and assist with the development of skills throughout the new structure of majors.

Effective from T1, 2016, these existing units will be changed:

Current unit code2016 unit codeUnit titleEffective date
MAA350MAA250Professional ethics and governanceT1/2016
MAE102MAE203The Global EconomyT1/2016
MAE202 MAE312National Economic PolicyT1/2016
MAE303MAE213 International TradeT1/2016
MAE356MAE256 Analytical Methods in Economics and FinanceT1/2016
MAF315MAA215 Building Client RelationshipsT1/2016
MIS102MIS203 Information PracticeT1/2016
MMH350MMH250 Workplace Counselling and NegotiationT1/2016
MMM367MMM267 Business LogisticsT1/2016
MMK351MMK251 Services MarketingT1/2016
MMK380MMK280 Brand ManagementT1/2016
MAF311MAA317 Superannuation PlanningT1/2016
MAF312MAA318 Advanced Financial PlanningT1/2016
MAF316MAA319 Estate PlanningT1/2016
MAF255MAA255 Financial PlanningT1/2016
MAF315MAA215 Building Client RelationshipsT1/2016

Information session

Students who were unable to attend the on campus Information Session can watch the video, via CloudDeakin.

Students are strongly encouraged to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document, which can be found in the Documentation tab, before viewing the Information Session or contacting Deakin Business School and Deakin Law School.

For further information about how the course review may affect your enrolment, or to request a transition, please contact a student adviser at the Faculty of Business and Law:

Phone: (03) 9244 6555

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