Extended Intermission

For Domestic Students enrolled in Business and Law courses only

You must apply to the faculty in which you are enrolled:
Course codes starting with A or E: Faculty of Arts and Education
Course codes starting with H: Faculty of Health
Course codes starting with S: Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

Students may take 3 trimesters (1 academic year) of intermission without having to apply for extended intermission. If you have not yet used 3 periods of standard intermission, please apply via studentconnect instead.

Domestic students wishing to apply for further periods of intermission must apply to the Faculty Academic Progress Committee (FAPC) by completing the online form.

To apply for Extended Intermission:

If you have questions about Extended Intermission please email bl-spar@deakin.edu.au.

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: International Students seeking intermission should not use this form. Please review the intermission information for international students (includes full instructions on how to apply).

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