Honours in Business

Expand your career options and create pathways into further study.

Honours is a specialised year of study that allows you to draw together the theory and practical skills gained in your undergraduate studies and develop an in-depth knowledge of your particular discipline through research and additional course work.

Honours awards provides you with exciting opportunities and experiences to expand your skill base before moving onto employment or postgraduate study. It is also the standard (and shortest) pathway for entry into research degrees.

Our school has highly skilled researchers with many years of supervision experience and a broad range of expertise in academic and industry research.  We offer an encouraging and supportive environment and opportunities for staff and students to interact at various gatherings throughout the year.

Please note: This course is currently unavailable for intake.


The research-based Honours Award offered by the Business School recognises high achieving students that have successfully completed an undergraduate bachelor degree, followed by an additional year of full-time study, or its equivalent, that involves research and research training.

The program consists of 8 credit points

  • 4 credit points - coursework units which provide research training
  • 4 credit points - research project

Aims of the Honours program

The honours program aims to provide you with several significant benefits:

  • enhance employment prospects by developing skills that employers seek
  • work closely with a senior researcher and their research group
  • learn advanced research techniques and processes
  • gain advanced knowledge in a particular discipline
  • pathway to PhD or other research degree
  • personal satisfaction with your achievements
  • opportunity to undertake a substantial and original research project

For more information please download the guides below.

Please note: This course is currently unavailable for intake.


We offer research-based honours in these disciplines:

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sport Management

Deakin Undergraduate scholarships

Honours students are eligible to apply for Deakin scholarships offered to undergraduate students. Check the individual scholarship details for further eligibility criteria.


Can people outside Deakin apply?

Yes, we welcome qualified applicants from other universities.

Is honours available part-time?

No, the nature of the course makes this impossible. However, honours students can typically have part-time jobs up to 15 hours a week and still complete honours at a high standard.

Can I enrol mid-year?

No, honours is only available over the calendar year, due to the nature of the course.

Is it only conducted at Burwood?

Yes. the schedule has been arranged to make it easier for students outside Melbourne to complete the course. It is possible to have a supervisor in Geelong or Warrnambool and still complete the course.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, Deakin honours scholarships are available.

When does Honours start?

Honours starts in orientation week, the week before the official start of Trimester 1. It is of vital importance that students be available to attend from the start.

What do you need to get in the course?

A major (6 units minimum) in accounting, economics, finance, sport management, management, human resource management or marketing. You need a mid-credit average in years two and three. It is desirable to have one or more HDs in your course. A fail in a unit will not preclude admission to honours if your other units are good.

What units do I take?

In Trimester 1, there are three course work units in research design, qualitative research and quantitative analysis. In addition, each student will take a unit related to their discipline area (accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing or sports management). In trimester 2, the completion of your honours thesis comprises the final four units.


Accounting, Economics and Finance

Honours Coordinator:

Administrative Officer (Academic Programs):

Dr Samarth Vaidya
+61 3 9251 7372 samarth.vaidya@deakin.edu.au

Heather Kristiansson
+61 3 9244 5547 blact@deakin.edu.au

Management, Marketing, Human Resources and Sports Management

Honours Coordinator:

Administrative Officer (Academic Programs):

Dr Melissa Parris
+61 3 9244 6276 melissa.parris@deakin.edu.au

Heather Kristiansson
+61 3 9244 5547 blact@deakin.edu.au

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