A sense of academic culture

Successful students know the value of learning ‘how things are done’ and what is important or valued in a new culture. A student’s sense of cultural competence depends on their appreciation of the core values and ethical principles of the university and how these will inform their approaches to study and working relationships with fellow staff and students


Graduate learning outcomes

Deakin graduate learning outcomes describe the knowledge and capabilities graduates have acquired and are able to apply and demonstrate at the completion of their course.

Academic progress

Faculty committees will review the academic progress of students after each trimester to identify students who have made unsatisfactory academic progress and students who are at risk of unsatisfactory academic progress.


It is Deakin University's cloud learning environment where students are able to access a range of spaces and tools to enable interactive and engaging learning. CloudDeakin is extremely important for all students as it is the online learning space for course materials, assessment, communication and collaboration with teaching staff and students.


DeakinSync is a personal hub for students with easy access to everything needed to achieve academic success. It provides students with direct access to all their enrolled units on CloudDeakin, topping up of student cards, creating and sharing documents, following news on selected topics and people, collaborating using Lync and so much more to build a seamless digital environment.


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