Rule breaches

A 'rule breach' occurs when you do not meet the course and/or unit rules. When you attempt to enrol in a unit/s that you are not eligible for, a pop-up box will appear and the unit details will appear in orange on the unit selection page of StudentConnect.

How does a rule breach affect my enrolment?

If a rule breach message appears when you are trying to enrol in a unit, you will not be able to enrol in that unit. You must resolve the rule breach before you can continue with your enrolment. You may need to select an alternate unit. If you believe you are eligible to enrol in the unit, please contact your Faculty Course Adviser. Rule breach messages can be complicated, if you are having trouble making sense of your rule breach message, refer to the Rule breach codes, or contact Student Central with the exact wording of the message.

Please visit the Rule breach website for examples of rule breach messages from StudentConnect and rule breach codes.

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