Special on Special Consideration

For students enrolled in Business and Law units only

Students who are unable to sit a special exam may apply for special on special (further) consideration with appropriate supporting documentation showing exceptional circumstances.

Special on special consideration can only be granted for the same task once and where extraordinary circumstances (such as hospitalisation) prevent students from attempting a special exam.

Applications can be made on one or more of the following grounds:

  • medical
  • compassionate
  • hardship/trauma

If granted, special on special consideration will give students an opportunity to sit a further special exam in the next supplementary exam period. Please note that no further deferral will be approved.

Students who are unable to sit a supplementary exam should investigate possible remission of debt as no further special consideration can be granted.

How to apply?

Students wishing to apply for special on special consideration should complete the special on special consideration application form and submit it, together with relevant supporting documentation, to bl-spar@deakin.edu.au by no later than three workings days after the date of the special exam in question.


Applications for special on special consideration are assessed by the Faculty Academic Progress Committee (FAPC). You can expect to receive notification of the outcome of your application within 15 working days.

There are only two possible outcomes of an application for special on special consideration:

  • Outcome 1: not granted
  • Outcome 3: approved (student will be scheduled to sit a supplementary exam)

Where an outcome 3 is granted, an administrative grade of RIE will be entered against the relevant unit. This will be changed to a final result within 10 working days of the supplementary exam.


Please contact bl-spar@deakin.edu.au if you are enrolled in a Business and Law unit and have questions about special on special consideration.

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