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There are many opportunities and programs for you to enhance your student learning experience and become a worldly graduate.

Study tours

Study tours run for 2-3 weeks and offer students the amazing opportunity of combining study and cultural immersion all whilst gaining credit towards their degree. As the name suggests, on a faculty led study tour students will be guided by academics and provide opportunities otherwise out of reach for an independent traveller.

Please note that study tour units may not run each year. Enrolment is always subject to a selection process and approval by the Unit Chair as places are limited. Therefore students should always identify another unit as an alternative to a study tour unit when planning their course or major.

International Perspectives on Exercise and Sport Science

23 November – 9 December, 2018

Study tour information

Interdisciplinary Health Study Tour – Sri Lanka

10 – 24 November, 2018

Study tour information

International Perspectives on Health and Social Development

11 – 25 January, 2019

Study tour information

Nursing Study Tours 2017

nursing study tour Follow the links below for further information and application

Philippines study tour
Thailand study tour
Bhutan study tour

Occupational Therapy Overseas Placement

India Occupational Therapy Overseas Placement

Occupational Therapy Overseas Placement

Denmark Occupational Therapy Overseas Placement

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