General Deakin University terms

Unit, core, elective, full time, part time, credit points, unit codes... what do these mean for enrolment... confused? Read the key general information page for more information about Deakin terms.

This area has information about commonly used Deakin terms which you need to be familiar with when with planning your study and enrolment.

Study options

In most cases, to complete a single undergraduate degree at the University (eg H300 Bachelor of Health Sciences) you will need to successfully complete a minimum of 24 credit points. Combined degrees require completion of up to 44 credit points. Undergraduate Education degrees require completion of 32 credit points while most postgraduate degrees require completion of up to 16 credit points.

Full-time students usually study units worth 4 credit points per trimester over 3 to 5 years, utilising Trimester 1 and 2 each year. Study is compulsory in Trimester 1 and 2 for full-time students.

Part-time students can study 1 or 2 units per trimester.

For more information, visit full-time or part-time study

Core and elective units

At Deakin, each subject you study is called a 'unit'.

Your course is made up of either core units or a combination of core and elective units. Core units are compulsory. Elective units are your own choice.

Elective units for undergraduate courses can be chosen from any school or faculty within the university, provided you meet pre-requisite rules and it fits in with your timetable.

Trimester options

Most courses utilise Trimester 1 and 2, however our flexible study options allow you to fast track your studies by using Trimester 3 (if applicable). Visit Trimester options for more information.

For the School of Medicine timetables are based on Semesters, not Trimesters.  For more information about Semester teaching and timetables please visit the School of Medicine.

Credit points

Most units studied are worth 1 credit point, but units may have a value of between 0 - 4 credit points. The units you pass successfully, will give you the credit point value required to pass your degree.

Pre-requisite and co-requisite units

A pre-requisite unit is a unit that must be completed prior to a particular unit.

A co-requisite unit is a unit that must during or before the trimester of the specific unit being studied. Please check your course rules for further details.

Units codes

Each unit has a title and code made up of 3 letter and 3 numbers. (eg. HPS110)

H- Represents the Faculty of Health
PS - Represents the discipline 
1 - Represents the unit level (ie. First year unit)
10 - Represents the unit number

Undergraduate students will study unit levels 1-3 and postgraduate students will take units at level 7

If you choose to study an elective from another faculty, please note the starting letter unit codes:
A - Faculty of Arts and Education
S - Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment
M - Faculty of Business and Law

Credit transfer and recognition

Deakin recognises the importance of your previous studies and work experience. You may apply to receive credit towards your Deakin degree. This can increase your educational choices and reduce the number of units required to complete your study. For more information visit Credit For Prior Learning

Campus and class codes

  • When enrolling into an unit, you will select the most appropriate enrolment mode and location:
  • Burwood (Melbourne - B)
  • Waterfront (Geelong – S)
  • Waurn Ponds (Geelong - G)
  • Warrnambool (W)
  • Cloud (online - X)

How many units will I study?

Most full time students will undertake study of up to 4 units per trimester and part-time students will study 1 or 2 units per trimester over the course of the year.

When choosing units, please note that unit offerings vary between campuses, so be sure to refer to the course at your specific campus.

When enrolling, please keep in mind that most full time students will undertake study of up to 4 units per trimester (subject to availability) and part-time students will study 1 or 2 units per trimester over the course of the year.

Note for Domestic students: all students are encouraged to enrol online and the information on this site is designed to help you do this accurately and successfully.

However, our Student Advisers are happy to assist with enrolments and there will be information and enrolment assistance sessions offered on-campus on some campuses, both after early round VTAC offers and main round VTAC offers. These sessions are optional and you need not attend if you have successfully enrolled online.

However, if you need advice enrolling, selecting your units or planning your course, please feel free to attend an on-campus information and enrolment assistance sessions. Please see below for details of on-campus sessions:

Some courses will have information sessions located at one of our campuses to assist with planning your study. Please ensure you choose the correct campus of enrolment.

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