New Students

Getting started

How do I enrol as a new student?

To enrol in your course there are a number of steps you need to undertake. Follow our step-by-step guide to enrolment below starting with 'Joining Deakin and Getting started'.

1. Before you enrol

Prior to enrolment, it's important that you have a read through recommended computing standards at Deakin. This will ensure you are prepared for both enrolment and studying with us.

2. Create your Deakin username and password

You will need to create your Deakin username and password to begin the enrolment process through StudentConnect.

Your Deakin username and password are used in many of Deakin's systems including email, StudentConnect.  Please have your letter of offer with you as this contains information needed to complete this task.

Using the online username and password generation area, create your new Deakin username. This can take up to 2 hours to become active

If you are unable to create your username and password or require assistance, please contact the eSolutions IT Service Desk

Prepare for enrolment

1. Plan your studies

The Faculty has developed information relevant to your course that can help assist and guide you in planning the units you should enrol into. This information includes course maps, elective unit lists and other information that will be useful to you in planning out what you will study over the duration of your course.

2. Understand your Course Structure

All courses have certain requirements that have to be fulfilled for successful completion. These include completing a certain number of units, completing core units, electives etc and making sure that you undertake all units to comply with the rules of your course. To understand how your course is structured, please look carefully at the map for your course by following the course maps link.

3. Consult the Handbook

When enrolling you will need to select units to study in your course. The 2017 Handbook contains unit descriptions including pre-requisites and study locations. Please ensure that you are consulting the correct Handbook according to the year of your commencement.

4. Enrol

However, before you begin enrolling, be sure to look at some key general information below.

Core, elective, full time, part time, credit points, unit codes... confused?

Read our general information page for more information about Deakin terms.

Ready, set , enrol

To enrol into your course you need to undertake and complete the following steps:

1. Log into DeakinSync

Using your new Deakin username and password, log into DeakinSync, your new personal hub with easy access to everything you need to succeed.

2. Confirm your details

View and formally accept your offer and declaration. Ensure that all of your personal information is completed and correct. If you do not agree with the statement and choose 'not to accept', you will be unable to proceed with your enrolment.

3. Complete required statistics

All students are required to complete the required government statistics.

4. Enrol into units

Whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate you will now need to select your units and appropriate study location.  You may find it helpful to refer to your course map and refer to course rules to ensure that you are selecting units appropriately, see course maps link.

Pre-enrolled units

As some courses have units that are compulsory or core in your course, these core units have been pre-enrolled onto your student record to assist you with enrolling for the first time.  These units will appear automatically on your record and must simply be 'confirmed' by you during the enrolment process for them to become actively enrolled.

If your course does not have any pre-enrolled units or any other units that are not pre-enrolled in your course must be selected and manually enrolled in by you.

To select other units and add manually:

a) Search for units by adding the unit code in the search box in the lower right hand side of the unit selection table.

b) Identify the right trimester, campus and mode for your unit.

c) Tick add to the unit you wanted added to your record.

d) Click Add at the bottom of the table.

Repeat for each unit you need to add manually.

Remember: Most full time students will need to select up to 4 units per trimester and part-time students will need to select 1 or 2 units per trimester over the course of the year.

5. Confirm Enrolment completion

It is important to ensure that you complete your enrolment process by noting your receipt number. Record (and print) your receipt number and if you require proof of your enrolment for Government purposes, print evidence of enrolment via the sidebar menu option.

If you are satisfied with everything you have provided, you can finish the process by logging out.

After enrolling

After you enrol you need to complete some tasks to make your time at Deakin flow smoothly and make the most of your Deakin experience.

Your Student ID card

After you have enrolled, you can collect your Student ID Card.

If you are studying at a campus: Go to Deakin Central to have your photo taken and collect your ID

If you  are studying through Cloud (online) you can either:

  • if you are close to a campus you are welcome to come to Deakin Central
  • send a photo along with a copy of a form of photo ID (eg. Passport or Drivers Licence) to Photos should be in Jpeg format, similar to passport with maximum pixel height and width: 1024 x 1024 and maximum file size of 256kb).

Visit the Deakin Card website to find out more about how you can use your ID Card.

Transition and Orientation

Make the best start possible to University by visiting Get started website to find out all you need to know about starting at Deakin.

Peer Mentor program

How would you like the help and support of a second or third year student to help you through your introduction to university life?

Peer mentoring programs are offered to students enrolled in courses in the Faculty of Health across all campuses. These programs aim to provide support for international and domestic students in their transition into university life.  Please see the link below for more information on the Faculty's Peer Mentor program

Set up your timetable

Please refer to the STAR website for information about how to select your preferences for classes and seminars. You can access the STAR portal through StudentConnect to create and view your timetable.

Visit the Bookshop

The DUSA Bookshop is your bookstore at Deakin University campuses in Burwood, Geelong and Warrnambool. The bookstores stock textbooks, reference books, Deakin course materials, general books, stationery and gifts.

You can check if there are any recommended books for you to buy by searching the 'Student Booklist' section on the DUSA bookshop website.

In the Cloud          

As an on-campus or a student studying online, you will need to become familiar with Cloud Deakin.

'Cloud Deakin' is Deakin's virtual learning environment and is central to the Deakin learning experience. Cloud Deakin is used to deliver web-based course/unit material, assessment tasks and facilitate communication and collaboration between staff and students. You can access Cloud Deakin for all your units on the following website:

Get involved in the Faculty's programs

The Faculty of Health appreciates that it can be exciting to start University but it can also be daunting, particularly if you are coming to University from Year 12 or returning to study after a while.

We understand that all students need support from time to time in various aspects of student life and have a number of support mechanisms designed to help you succeed at Deakin.

Contact us

At Deakin University we are dedicated to supporting the student journey and making it as easy as possible for you. If you require help please contact a Student Adviser via the below contact details.

Student Central

Phone: 03 9251 7777

Burwood - Building Y, 1.01
Waurn Ponds - REACH Building, dd2.125
Warrnambool - H1.40
Waterfront - Student Central, John Hay Building D, Level 2

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