Consultancy and private practice

Dietitians provide consultancy services to individuals, groups and organisations including individual counselling, group programs, preventive health programs and nutrition education. Dietitians also prepare nutritional information for publication, work with the media and in public relations.

A Nutritionist with specialist expertise in particular areas of nutrition may act as a consultant to various government and non-government groups to assist in the development of resources and programs.

With experience and ambition/determination, there are opportunities to set up your own business/company.

You can provide nutrition information to individuals or work as a consultant for health clubs, large companies or institutions.

Nutrition consultants are required to have a broad understanding of nutrition and health.

Extra qualifications in business and/or management will assist you to succeed in this area.

Job titles/roles:

Lifestyle Health Consultant and Coach, Weight Loss Consultant, Corporate Nutritionist, Company Nutritionist, Private Practice Dietitian


  • large government and non-government organisations
  • food companies
  • hospitals (smaller ones), nursing homes/residential care centres
  • health clubs and spas
  • insurance companies
  • physician's offices
  • weight loss clinics
  • nursing homes (patient assessments and advice, menu evaluations as part of their accreditation process, group talks)
  • restaurants and catering services

Graduate profile:

Meaghan Butterley (pdf 20KB) graduated from the Masters of Dietetics at Deakin in 2011.

Expert in area:

Cathy Thesing (pdf 23KB) Director of Leading Nutrition, provides insight into careers for dietetics in consultancy/private practice.

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