Dietetics and sports nutrition

This area of employment is an emerging and niche area where there are, at present, limited employment opportunities in Australia.

Sports Dietitians are fully qualified Dietitians who have completed further education in sports nutrition. Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) is a professional organisation of Dietitians specialising in the field of sports nutrition.

For more information on accredited sports nutrition courses visit Accreditation as a Sports Dietitian.

If you already have a qualification in the area of physical activity e.g. sports/physiotherapy/exercise rehabilitation, then this could be an advantage.

Areas of employment

Research, sales, health promotion, community health, food industry, coaching, administration, education and awareness, media/marketing, sporting clubs

Job titles / roles

Sports Nutritionist, Sports Nutrition Advisor, Lifestyle and Physical Activity Adviser, Health Promotion Officer, Project Officer, Health Coach (personal, group, community, organisational), Sales Representative for health food/sports food and drinks.


Universities, institutes, health and recreation centres, government agencies (local, state, federal), community health centres, food companies specialising in sports nutrition, health spas/resorts, health insurance companies, corporate health, health in the workplace, sports teams.

Also self-employment/consultant

Graduate profile

Daniela Manche (PDF, 27.8KB) graduated in Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics from Deakin in 2006.

Expert in the area

Fiona Sutherland (PDF, 8.5KB) is a Sports dietitian and she provides insight into careers for dietitians in sports nutiriton.

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