Consultancy and self employment

A Nutritionist with specialist expertise in particular areas of nutrition may act as a consultant to various government and non-government groups to assist in the development of resources and programs.

With experience and ambition/determination, there are opportunities to set up your own business/company.  If you have other qualifications (e.g. physiotherapy) you can be in a good position to have a private business in life coaching.

You can provide nutrition information to individuals or work as a consultant for health clubs, large companies or institutions.

Nutrition consultants need to have a broad understanding of nutrition and health.

Extra qualifications in business and/or management will help you to succeed in this area.

Job titles/roles:

Lifestyle Health Consultant and Coach, Weight Loss Consultant, Corporate Nutritionist, Company Nutritionist


Large government and non-government organisations, food companies, health clubs, insurance companies.

Professional associations:

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