Finding employment for dietitians

Food and nutrition graduates may find work in a variety of areas and roles.  You can search under different titles (search terms) including the following:

Nutritionist, Research Scientist, Food Microbiologist, Food Development Researcher, Sensory Evaluation Scientist, Food and Nutrition Policy Officer, Food Quality Assurance Officer/Manager, Food Product Marketing Officer/Manager and Sales, Product Buyer, Health Promotion Officer.

Some useful websites and job search strategies:

Food and Nutrition specific sites:
Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology
Food Appointments

General employment sites:
DeakinTALENT Jobs & Internships

National organisations:
Department of Human Services

State organisations:

Recruitment agencies:
As well as the general employment sites there are some specialist recruitment firms which advertise vacancies and help people find work: Kelly Scientific, Chemskill, Sciencepeople.

Other job search strategies:

  • newspapers: metropolitan and/or local
  • cold calling: approaching employers to ask for opportunities
  • networking: attending conferences and social events to meet prospective employers
  • volunteer work: provides experience and contacts
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