Sports nutrition

sports nutritionThis area of employment is an emerging and niche area where there are, at present, limited employment opportunities in Australia, particularly if you are not an Accredited Practising Dietitian with the Dietitians Association of Australia.

As such, graduates from Postgraduate Nutrition at Deakin may be more likely to be successful in sports nutrition if they pursue additional training certificates in education and/or fitness and/or sport. e.g. fitness courses at TAFE. If you already have a qualification in the area of physical activity (e.g. sports/physiotherapy/exercise rehabilitation) then this could be an advantage. For further information regarding training to become a Dietitian, visit our Master of Dietetics website.

Example job titles/roles

Sports Nutritionist

Sports Nutrition Advisor

Program Officer

Project Officer

Community Health Worker

Health Promotion Officer

Health Coach (personal, group, community, organisational)

Sales Representative for health food/sports food and drinks

Usual employers

Food companies specialising in sports nutrition

Federal, state & local government


Community health centres

Health spas/resorts

Health insurance companies

Health & recreation clubs

Corporate health

Health in the workplace

Self-employment / consultancy

Professional associations

Sports Dietitians of Australia
Peak body for Dietitians specialising in the field of sports nutrition.

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