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Good Practice (RACGP GP magazine): Nutrition Toolkit; Issue 1-2, January-February 2015 

6 Minutes: Doctors lack confidence to treat nutrition issues, 13 November 2014

Australian Medicine (plus e-dit - Doctors in Training): Time for med students to bone up on nutrition; 28 October 2014

Australian Medical Observer : The value of nutrition; 10 October 2014 


Dr Martin Kohlmeier visits Deakin University, Geelong May 2013

The WNCIT Team hosted international expert in Nutrition, Dr Martin Kohlmeier. He is Professor in the Department of Nutrition of the Schools of Medicine and Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina (UNC) and serves as faculty and primary investigator of the Nutrigenetics Laboratory at the UNC Nutrition Research Institute. 

Two speaking engagements (5th/6th May 2014) and a dinner were held in Geelong to celebrate and learn from Dr Kohlmeier's expertise in the development of targeted nutrition education resources for medical training courses and his nutrigenetics research. 

He is also an expert in and campaigner for embedding nutrition into medical education and has developed a host of nutrition education resources over the past twenty years including a suite of online nutrition learning resources

Dr Kohlmeier's first seminar, presented within the Deakin University Medical School's 'Monday Seminar Series' was titled, "Nutrition in Medical Education; Impact, Opportunities and Challenges". This lecture was well attended by medical practitioners, academics and students from the Schools of Medicine and Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. 

A recording of this seminar is available here:

Dr Martin Kohlmeier

Dr Charlotte Pratt visited Deakin University, Geelong October 2016

Deakin University was fortunate to have Dr Charlotte Pratt visit and share her vast experiences of embedding nutrition in medical education,plus the current nutrition and physical activity Trends in the U.S.and the Implications for Policy, Research and Practice. Charlotte is the Program Director, and a Health Scientist Administrator in the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), National Institutes of Health (NIH). She manages more than 50 research grants in cardiovascular risk reduction, obesity, nutrition, physical activity, community trials of cardiovascular health, and health disparities. She has been involved in many conferences and workshops related to nutrition in medicine and has published many peer-reviewed papers on nutrition, obesity and physical activity.

While here Charlotte presented at a the Deakin University Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) seminar held in Melbourne on her work in the obesity and physical activity arena , at The Deakin University School of Medicine Research Seminar on the challenges of incorporating medicine into medical curricula in the USA, and at a dinner with local Geelong medical Practitioners and clinical educators on the possible opportunities for general practitioners in Australia to access nutrition education post-graduation.


ANZAHPE Conference, Melbourne, Australia, June 26 2013: 

Oral presentation. Evans S, Nowson C, Schafer J, Lindley J, Rooney K, Beck E & Roshier-Taks M 

"A web-based nutrition competency implementation toolkit (WNCIT) for entry-level medical courses" 

Experimental Biology Conference, April 2014, San Diego, California USA

"Nutrition Competencies in Health Professional Education and Training- a new paradigm"

  1. Oral presentation: Caryl A Nowson, Robyn Perlstein, Susie Macfarlane, Scott McCoombe: Gap between nutrition behaviour and knowledge in Australian first year, post-graduate medical students 
  2. The FASEB Journal 

  3. Oral presentation: Caryl A Nowson, Robyn Perlstein, Eleanor Beck, Jennifer Lindley, Jennifer Schafer, Kim Rooney: Medical educators response to a web-based nutrition implementation toolkit (WNCIT) for entry level medical courses 
  4. The FASEB Journal 

  5. Panel presentation: Caryl Nowson, Robyn Perlstein, Sonia Brockington, Eleanor Beck, Jennifer Lindley, Jennifer Schafer, Kim Rooney: Nutrition in medical education in Australia (2014)

Need for Nutrition Education/ Innovation Programme (NNEdPro) Global InnovationPanel. First International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research. University of Cambridge, UK,  August 2015

Professor Caryl Nowson -spoke about the scarcity of nutrition education within medical schools. She showcased the Web-based Nutrition Competency Implementation Toolkit (WNCIT).

Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE)–OTTAWA 2016 JOINT CONFERENCE. March 2016, Perth, Australia

  1. Oral presentation : Professor Caryl Nowson, Dr Sumantra Ray, Dr Lauren Ball,  Pauline Douglas, Robyn Perlstein.(2016) Nutrition Competencies in Health education – An International Initiative Ottawa 2016/ANZAHPE2016  Conference Abstracts. http://media.wix.com/ugd/363deb_e1b3ba1899d1433e8ea13ca902c86577.pdf Pearl
  2. Workshop : Caryl Nowson¹, Sumantra Ray², Pauline Douglas³, Eleanor Beck⁴, Lauren Ball⁵, Gina Ambrosini⁶,  Jennifer Crowley⁷, Robyn Perlstein¹(2016) Embedding Nutrition into Health Education: Strategies and Directions Ottawa 2016/ANZAHPE2016  Conference Abstracts. http://media.wix.com/ugd/363deb_3fc11e0e465046a0a2339f92f7a78993.pdf


Caryl Nowson participated in the Need for Nutrition Education/ Innovation Programme (NNEdPro) Global Innovation Panel, 2nd International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research. Cambridge UK June 2016. as well as the Cambridge Summer School and Certificate Course in Applied Human Nutrition Cambridge, Uk June 2016 Uni of Cambridge. www.nnedpro.org.uk.

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