Welcome to your Higher Degree by Research (HDR) studies in the School of Psychology. We hope that you find your research studies to be a rewarding and valuable experience.

To complete your higher degree by research, you need to produce a 50,000 to 100,000 word thesis that reports original research. In addition, as you make progress towards this final product, you need to complete a number of other hurdle requirements including a confirmation procedure and annual reviews. Although it is your supervisor's job to help you with this, there are a number of other sources of support available to you. This website is designed to provide you with helpful information regarding each of these tasks, specific to the School of Psychology. To begin, it is worth reading over the following documents:

The School HDR Induction Manual (DOCX, 145 KB)  contains important information about timelines, requirements and procedures as well as key contacts.

Deakin University's research degree website contains comprehensive information for HDR students about completing your research degree.

The School of Psychology has provided a couple of forms below that you may find useful in your early supervision meetings:

Background and Intake Form (PDF, 30.9 KB)  

Expectations In Research Supervision (PDF, 64.8 KB)

Role of the Associate Supervisor (PDF, 48.2 KB)

You should also be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct, which sets out the standards of responsible and ethical behaviour and conduct expected of all students of the University.


If you require funding for research-related activities, please consult the HDR Research Budget Guidelines and Application Form (DOCX, 44.9 KB) .

If you require funding support for a conference, please consult the HDR Faculty Conference Funding Application Form (DOCX, 35.8 KB) .

HDR Contacts

Lina Ricciardelli is the HDR coordinator and is available to help resolve any issues that may arise during your candidature. To support Lina, there are a number of 'HDR liaisons'.

HDR Coordinator

Lina Ricciardelli

Lina Ricciardelli

Room: BC4.012
Email: lina.ricciardelli@deakin.edu.au
Phone: 9244 6866

HDR Liaison - Burwood

Nicki Dowling

Nicki Dowling

Email: nicki.dowling@deakin.edu.au
Phone: 9246 8758

Professor Helen Skouteris
Associate Head (Research and Research Training)
School of Psychology
Tel: 9251 7699
Email: helen.skouteris@deakin.edu.au
Location: Burwood, Building BC4.103

Shaun Brown
School Executive Officer
School of Psychology
Tel: 9244 6852
Email: shaun.brown@deakin.edu.au
Location: Burwood, Building BC5.016

Luke Barisic
Senior Technical Officer
School of Psychology
Tel: 9244 6152
Email: luke.barisic@deakin.edu.au
Location: Burwood, Building BC5.052

Lisa Carzino
Research Management and HDR Coordinator
School of Psychology
Tel: 9246 8758
Email: lisa.carzino@deakin.edu.au OR psyhdr@deakin.edu.au
Location: Burwood, Building BC5.044

Beatrice Haselroither
Administrative Officer (Finance)
School of Psychology
Tel: 9244 6095
Email: beatrice.haselroither@deakin.edu.au
Location: Burwood, Building BC5.043

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