Interactive Course Planner

Our interactive course planner will help you to plan your undergraduate Psychology course at Deakin. For detailed instructions on using the course planner, please expand the following link:

How to use the interactive course planner

General Instructions

  • Enter your name and student ID number into the required fields. You can also add the name of your course advisor if required.
  • Enter the "Year" fields in the table (click to enable editing).
  • Drag-and-drop subjects from the column on the right into the grid. While dragging, the subject availability will hover above the grid for your reference.
    • Upon placing a subject in the grid, you can indicate your preference for study mode. Click on the cloud icon in the top-left corner of a subject to toggle between campus and cloud modes. The cloud icon will become opaque and appear on the exported PDF.
    • Click the square icon inside a subject box to change its colour. Click multiple times to cycle through red, green, and blue. This feature is useful for grouping subjects into categories.
    • Subjects placed in the grid can also be edited. Click on the subject code to toggle editing mode. Two lines of text can be added for additional details.
    • To remove a subject from the grid entirely, click the "x" in the top right corner.

Setting a subject as CPL or Completed

  • Subjects in the right-hand column have two additional toggles indicated by the "D" and "C".
    • Clicking the "D" toggle indicates that this subject has already been completed ("DONE" will appear). If you change your mind, click "DONE" to remove this status.
    • Clicking the "C" toggle indicates credit for prior learning ("CPL" will appear). If you change your mind, click "CPL" to remove this status.
    • Note that CPL or DONE subjects should not be dragged into the main grid.

Free-hand drawing (experimental feature)

  • Activate drawing mode by clicking the "Draw" button above the course plan.
  • To draw, hold down the left mouse button and drag over the course plan.
  • To undo the last action, click "Undo" or press Ctrl + Z on the keyboard.
  • Your annotations will appear in the exported PDF.
  • When you are finished drawing, click the "Stop Drawing" to return to subject edit mode.

Saving your course plan

  • To generate a PDF copy of your course plan, click on the "Save as PDF" button and the file will be downloaded to your computer.
  • This file can be printed or emailed to a course advisor.
Note: If table borders do not appear on the PDF, please ensure that your browser is zoomed at 100% (shortcut Ctrl+0).

For more information about choosing elective subjects, expand the following link:

Choosing your electives

To assist with choosing your electives, please follow the instructions detailed below.

To search for a unit, please visit

See screen dump below.

Please select Advanced Unit Search. Your screen will look as follows:

In the Unit Code section, please enter one of the following options:
A = Faculty of Arts & Education
M = Faculty of Business and Law
S = Faculty of Science & Technology
H = Faculty of Health

Once you have selected one of these Faculties (ie A = Arts), you can select the Level of the unit you wish to study, the Teaching period, Location and Mode (see screen below). All units starting with that code (for example only) will be listed for you. Please refer to the example below.

When searching for Trimester 2 or Trimester 3 – please just change the teaching period to read Trimester 2/Semester 2, etc.

Please read the handbook entry carefully to determine if you are eligible for the unit you have selected, ie you must meet pre-requisite (although typically this only becomes an issue at Level 2 and Level 3). Please also note that some units can only be undertaken if you are enrolled in a particular course, ie Medicine units are only to be undertaken by Medical Students.

Disclaimer: This course planner is for illustrative purposes only. It is the student's responsibility to contact the psychology enrolment team if you are unsure about unit selection.

Interactive Course Planner

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