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Special on special

This form is used where a student wishes to make a subsequent application for a previously-approved Special Consideration application for a Faculty of Health unit only.

Re-admission after exclusion

The following form can be used to apply for re-admission following course exclusion. This form is not to be used by students whose enrolment was terminated for non-payment of fees, voluntary withdrawal from studies or allowing enrolment to lapse.

Review of result

The Faculty Committee will normally only approve an application for a review where the student provides evidence that their work was not marked in accordance with the marking criteria or that there was a misapplication of other relevant University policies or procedures.

Please note the Review of Result application cannot grant late special consideration and is not to be used for this process.

Final unit request

Pass Conceded (PC) and Supplementary Assessment processes – under the University's 'Final Unit to Complete' provision – are available only to students who are one credit point short of completing their degree and have a failed unit that meets the requirements for a Pass Conceded or Supplementary Assessment.

Mentor Program

Want a bit of friendly advice from someone who’s already been there? Ever thought of helping out students as they’re getting started? Find out more about the Faculty of Health mentorship program.

Peer Mentoring programs are offered to students enrolled in courses in the Faculty of Health across all campuses. These programs aim to provide support for international and domestic students in their transition into university life. Each Peer Mentor group comprises: a Peer Mentor (second or third year student typically) and five or six mentees (first year students).

Extended intermission

Intermission is defined by the University as 'the approved suspension of study by a Student after enrolling in a Course, usually for a total period of not more than one Academic Year'

Students wishing to apply for any further period of intermission (beyond one Academic Year) must apply to the Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee (FAPDC) by completing this online application form. On this form you must provide detailed reasons why you are unable to undertake your studies in the trimester/s you wish to intermit.

Misconduct Reply

This form is used as an electronic reply for any students who have received a letter alleging a matter of Academic Misconduct or General Misconduct from the Faculty of Health, Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee (FAPDC) or Faculty of Health Student Misconduct Committee (SMC).

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