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An application for Review of Result can be made only after the release of results.

In accordance with clause 74 of the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) Procedure, which became effective from 9 March 2015:

The Faculty Committee will normally only approve an application for a review where the student provides evidence that their work was not marked in accordance with the marking criteria or that there was a misapplication of other relevant University policies or procedures.

Please note the Review of Result application cannot grant late special consideration and is not to be used for this process.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application has not been received.

Student information
Course details
Assessment details
Year *
Numeric mark, if available
Reasons for request
Please ensure you have provided adequate reasons as to why your current result is not accurate / should be amended, and that relevant documentation is attached. Not only must your reason/s be adequate, you will need to provide evidence to demonstrate that a review is justified.

If you have received a fail grade between 45 and 49 in a unit which is the final unit required for course completion, you should speak to your enrolment officer about whether you may be eligible for a Pass Conceded (PC) grade. This is a separate process - please do not use this application.
Supporting documentation
Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions * Applications for a Review of Result must be submitted within five working days of the official publication of results pursuant to s.4 of Regulation 05.03(1) - Assessment and Academic Progress in Higher Education Award Courses.

A request for a Review of Result may result in an amendment to a numeric score and/or grade, which may be either higher or lower than that previously published. In submitting an application, you acknowledge that the decision of the Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee (FAPDC) is final and that you understand and accept the possibility of a lower mark/grade as a consequence of this review.

Please note: failing a unit is not a prerequisite for application. You can apply regardless of your unit result, assuming you can provide adequate grounds for review.

The outcome of the review will be conveyed to you by email only. Given the complex nature of some reviews, it is not possible to stipulate a turnaround time for applications. Please do not submit a second application as this will not expedite matters.

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