Postgraduate Engineering Internship

A Postgraduate Engineering Internship is designed to give you first-hand discipline-specific experience working within industry. You are able to undertake an internship as part of your course and receive credit towards your degree.

By completing an internship, you will be better prepared for graduate employment and increase your employability. You will have the opportunity to network, develop your skills and prepare for your future career.

Why should you do an internship?

  • Apply what you learn in a real-world environment
  • Gain credit towards your degree
  • Experience a discipline-specific workplace
  • Develop professional practice and networks
  • Be work-ready when you finish your studies
  • Obtain an edge in the job market

Unit information

Unit: SEL703 Internship-Engineering
Duration: 120 - 160 hours, or approximately 15 - 20 days
Work pattern: one - several days per week, or an intensive block in a minimum of four weeks
Trimester 1 (March to June)
Trimester 2 (July to October)
Trimester 3 (November to February)
Assessment: Submission of an internship portfolio including a logbook, reflections and assessment by the industry supervisor

The Postgraduate Engineering Internship is for Master of Engineering (Professional) students only.
SEL703 is a university unit and attracts normal tuition fees.
Internships are normally unpaid.

Please note: Placements cannot be approved retrospectively.


Applications for T2/2018 are now closed. Applications for T3/2018 will close in mid-August (to be confirmed).

Applications for each trimester will open during the preceding trimester and will be advertised via the Master of Engineering (Professional) Course Hub.

To be eligible for the Postgraduate Engineering Internship, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in S751 Master of Engineering (Professional)
  • Confirmed with a course adviser that you have at least one elective free in your course and have a completed course map signed by a course adviser
  • A minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 70
  • Successfully completed SEB711, SEB725, SET721 and SEN700
  • An updated resume/CV with a career objective, technical skills and achievements, employment, voluntary work and any other relevant information
  • Availability to attend an interview
  • Availability to attend a 2 hour Pre-Placement Workshop which prepares you for industry placements.

You are encouraged to make use of the DeakinTALENT website including workshops to develop your resume/CV before applying.

How to apply

If you are eligible to apply for the Postgraduate Engineering Internship:

  1. You need to ensure you have enrolled in an elective unit for the trimester in which you wish to undertake the internship.
    • You will be able to withdraw from this elective unit and enrol in SEL703 once your internship has been approved.
    • If you do not secure an internship by the Census Date in your trimester of choice, you will need to continue with the enrolled elective unit
  2. Complete the online application and attach the following:
    • A brief cover letter indicating your career interest and preferred roles, e.g. manufacturing, design, production, management, construction, research etc.
    • A copy of your updated resume/CV ensuring you include a career objective and your technical skills, e.g. design skills, Matlab, AutoCAD etc.
      • You must include one School of Engineering academic referee. The academic staff member must know you well and you must first seek permission to list them on your resume/CV.
      • Important: Before you apply for the program, you must seek feedback regarding your resume/CV from DeakinTALENT to confirm it meets baseline standards. Submit your resume/CV for a baseline review
      • If you do not meet the baseline standard, you can attend workshops offered by DeakinTALENT to help you improve your resume/CV.
    • Email from DeakinTALENT confirming your resume/CV meets baseline standard
    • Your course map provided by a student adviser
  3. The School will assess your application and you will be advised of the outcome and next steps via your Deakin email.

What happens next?

If your application is successful:

  1. You will need to attend an interview with School of Engineering staff. You will be contacted with interview details including day, time and venue.
  2. You may be required to attend a second round interview with industry partners. You will be advised if this is the case.
  3. The School will support you in your search for a suitable internship opportunity.
    • Internship opportunities will be communicated via your Deakin email. Please check your email regularly.
    • Opportunities are also advertised on various sites including the Course Hub, UniHub and posters on campus.
    • You are encouraged to investigate potential opportunities yourself using a similar process to job searching.
  4. You will need to enrol in and complete STP710 Introduction to Work Placement.
  5. The School will assist you in enrolling into SEL703 Internship-Engineering and withdrawing from your selected elective unit.
  6. Before starting your internship, you will need to complete the Pre-Placement Workshop.
  7. You will have an agreed start date and will receive other information relating to the placement (hours, days etc.)
  8. You will be required to submit assessment documents and a portfolio for marking toward successful unit completion.

More information and contact

If you have any questions regarding the process or would like more information about undertaking an internship, please contact


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