Waiving a prerequisite unit

The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment discourages the waiving of prerequisite units and has strict criteria for application and approval. Prerequisite units are in place to ensure learning outcomes are achieved in order for students to progress successfully through their course.

To apply for a prerequisite waiver you must meet the criteria below and have applied by COB on Tuesday in Week 1 each Trimester period. If you meet the criteria, your application will be reviewed with recommendation for either approval or rejection through a Faculty academic assessment team:

  • Course director
  • Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning) and;
  • Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning).

This decision is final.


Applications will not be accepted on the following grounds:

  • Students who have received a previous prerequisite waiver but failed that unit
  • More than one rule waiver in the same trimester (for either 2 prerequisites for the one follow-on unit, or for another unit as well)
  • The same trimester that an overload is being requested
  • To fast track your degree
  • For Centrelink purposes (in order to enrol in full time study)
  • For applications received after COB on Tuesday in Week 1 each trimester period.

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Application criteria
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Student information
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A WAM of at least 60 is required for applications

Unit information
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