Sourcing and securing a WIL placement

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements are either sourced by you or the Faculty. Finding your own host organisation to undertake a WIL placement is no different from finding employment after graduation. You need to create an application which includes a cover letter and resume.

The Faculty does not search for WIL placements for students. A limited number of WIL placements are offered directly to the Faculty each trimester.

The Faculty advertise the WIL placement opportunities via course hubs and via Deakin email to all students who are enrolled in suitable courses. Some opportunities may also be advertised on the Deakin UniHub.

Host organisations have complete discretion in selecting a suitable candidate.

Finding a placement

You are encouraged to find a placement yourself (e.g. Deakin UniHub, web search, direct contacts, etc.).

  • If you find a placement, you must meet the WIL Program requirements (i.e. STP010/STP710, free elective, Pre-placement Employability Modules, etc.)
  • You must contact the Faculty WIL team at to seek placement approval. Approval is mandatory before placement starts.
  • An agreement between the Faculty and the host organisation will be put in place before the placement is approved.
  • Placements cannot be approved retrospectively.
  • You only become part of the WIL Program once the placement is approved.

You should not expect the Faculty to process and approve placements in short periods of time. You should be aware of enrolment and Census dates.

Have you found a placement and are seeking approval to enrol?

Currently employed? How to qualify for a WIL placement with your current employer

For students undertaking WIL units: STP341, STP381, STP301, SIT791 and SIT709

Please consider the following:

  • Current employment can be used as the context for placement, however, you need to produce a current position description with a revised position description or a new project scope to justify that the work you will do for credit as part of the WIL unit is outside of your normal role
  • The WIL team will provide the forms required to then assess and approve your placement with your current employer
  • Your employer/boss would need to act as your industry supervisor and provide performance review feedback twice during your placement period
  • You will undertake 5 assessments that require you to reflect on your learning
  • You need to meet the unit requirements. Please refer to University Handbook for further details about the WIL units.
  • You need to complete the STP010 Introduction to Work Placements and the Pre-Placement Employability Modules on CloudDeakin prior to commencing a placement.
  • Access to the Pre-Placement Employability Modules is organised by the WIL Team

Your Cover Letter and Resume

A cover letter is a single-page letter that you must include in any job, placement or expression of interest application.

Your cover letter must be tailored to the position you are applying for - i.e. you should write a new cover letter every time you apply for a role.

A successful resume is a tool used to self-market yourself to get an interview. When taking part in the WIL Program, you will need to have a resume.

Resumes should highlight your strengths and achievements but also be concise and to the point (max 3 pages).

It should also address the needs and expectations of the organisation you wish to work for, whilst demonstrating your skills, expertise and accomplishments.

Your resume should include:

  • Personal Details
  • Career Objective/Personal Statement
  • Educational and academic qualifications
  • Technical Skills and Abilities
  • Employment History (including volunteer work)
  • University projects
  • Professional development
  • Professional memberships
  • Hobbies and/or Interests
  • Referees

We recommend that you view useful information and resources on the DeakinTALENT website.

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