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Return To Study

Need to know

Returning to study after a break can be challenging. In recognition of this, there are a number of Deakin resources to help you get back into study mode.

Need to do

Check out the collection of information for Mature Students.

Contact or join the Deakin University Mature Age Students Club.

School vs. Uni

Need to know

University has its own unique vocabulary. The Deakin glossary can help you learn these the answer to these questions and much much more.

Need to Do

Not sure how to do something? A great resource is the Deakin A-Z index page. Make sure you visit and bookmark this page for future reference.

International students should also check out How Do I? Another fantastic resource that answers a list of common questions that you might have.

Higher Degree by Research

Need to know

The journey to a higher degree by research will be a challenging, exciting, and at times, daunting one for many students. Deakin supports its HDR candidates in a number of ways, including expert supervision, research activities and opportunities, central resources and access to experts in a range of support services.

All you need to know about beginning your HDR canditure can be found on the Information for HDR students site.

Need to do

Make sure you attend an Orientation session - details of these monthly sessions will be emailed to you.

Take part in the many opportunities for further training where you can improve your skills and meet other students.

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