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Equity and Equal Opportunity

As a Deakin student you have the right to equitable access and the opportunity to fully participate and succeed in your studies regardless of your gender, race or ethnicity, disability or impairment, socio-economic status, religious or political convictions, age or sexual orientation. If you have any concerns about equity please contact the Equity and Diversity Unit.

If you have a medical condition or a disability the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) can help you to adjust to university life and improve your chances of success.  DRC services include:

  • Accessible course materials
  • Academic support workers
  • Alternative assessment arrangements
  • Assistive technology training and access to adaptive technology laboratories
  • Extended Library services.

Other services include:

Deakin Card

All students get a Deakin Card. This is your student card, and is the only accepted form of ID for students. You need to have your Deakin Card with you when you're sitting exams and borrowing from the Library. Your Deakin Card also acts like bank card - you can put money on it to print, photocopy and to buy things on campus like textbooks, stationery, food and drinks.

To get your student card you are required to send an appropriate passport style digital image via email to as an attachment. Your photo needs to be clear with head and top of shoulders visibly facing camera. Quality of your photos will need to be jpeg format, pixel 1024 X1024 and around 200kb. Along with your photo, you will also need to provide your Deakin student number along with some formof photo ID, such as drivers licence or passport.

Alternatively, if you live near a Deakin campus, you can visit any Deakin Central office and they will take your photo and provide a card at that time.


DUSA is eager to help cloud (online) students - previously known as off-campus - empower, connect and enhance their experience at Deakin. Projects include campaigns, events, student media, online study groups and professional networking opportunities for off-campus students. You can also chat to other cloud (online) students via the DUSA Off Campus Students Forum.  To contact, email .

Visiting Campus

The following links outline what services and facilities are available on each campus:
Melbourne Burwood Campus
Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Geelong Waterfront Campus
Warrnambool Campus

Vehicles parking on Deakin campuses between 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday require a valid Deakin parking permit. You can buy a daily permit from permit vending machines on campus.

Computer Lab Locations
You can access computer labs on each campus with some of the labs open 24 hours a day.  You will need your Deakin username and password to log on to the computers and your Deakin Card to obtain after hours access.

Personal Safety
All campuses are patrolled by Security Officers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On all campuses, Security can be reached by internal phone on 222.

If you would like to be escorted to your car, please notify Security at least 10 minutes before your intended departure time, or at least 30 minutes before on weekends.

It is strongly recommend you store Security contact details in your mobile phone.

Deakin Security

View the Security Policy and Procedure from The Guide.

Security Officers

Security Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are based at all campuses.

These officers are easily identified by their uniforms which display the Deakin Security badge.

Deakin Security Officer's prime responsibilities are:

  • Security of persons lawfully engaged in campus activities
  • Protection of University property and facilities
  • Responding to incidents that impact the University
  • Providing after-hours emergency assistance and first aid
  • Enforcement of parking regulations and patrolling campuses
  • Providing a visible presence to assure students and staff of a safe workplace, and to deter offenders

All of Deakin's Security Officers have a combined security officer / crowd controller licence as well as their Deakin identity card. If you are ever in doubt of the authenticity of a Security Officer, you should ask to see their identification.

If the Security Office is unattended, use the external phone or intercom to contact the Security Officer. This call will go to a Control Room which is manned at all times.

Deakin Security Officers are trained in Deakin security policies, procedures and emergency arrangements as well as Level 2 First aid.

Security Escorts

The security escorting service ensures the safety of students and staff by accompanying them to any location on campus, including car parks, student residences, and bus and tram stops. Deakin Security recommends you avoid walking alone on campus at night. Walking around campus at night is no different to walking at night in any city, town or suburb. Parking your vehicle close to the centre of campus from 4.30 pm onwards will also help. Parking regulations in general parking zones are relaxed from 4.30 pm onwards.

This is a free service and can be booked by contacting Security. We recommended that you call Security at least 10 minutes prior to the requested time.

Reporting Security Incidents

In  a medical emergency you should first call 000 and then contact security on extension 222. All Security Officers hold a Level 2 First Aid certificate and can assist until an ambulance arrives.

Police are welcome on all Deakin campuses. 

  • All criminal offences, including assault, should be reported to Deakin Security.
  • All criminal offences are to be reported to the Victorian Police. Security can assist you in doing this.
  • If you feel suspicious, always report the suspicious event to Deakin Security. Please call security, they will attend and complete an incident report form with you.

Instances or attempted instances of theft, vandalism, violence or any situation on campus that concerns, distresses or makes you feel endangered should be reported. Precautionary measures can then be taken  to prevent an incident recurring.

Incident reports will be completed by an authorised officer.

Incidents can be reported by contacting Security on extension 222 who will complete an incident report form. All incident reports are forwarded to the Security Manager, Campus Services Division who will investigate further. All records are kept strictly confidential and any external reporting involves aggregate data only.

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