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An internship is an arrangement between you and your faculty and an employer that enables experiential learning in an area related to your course and career goals. Internships are normally undertaken toward the end of your qualification, require previous study in the relevant discipline and have specific goals attached to the your course as well as skill development objectives. These internships are generally unpaid, and may require you to complete a specified number of work hours (although the time frame over which the work takes place may be negotiable). The negotiated internship usually involves specific tasks or a project monitored by a supervisor in the workplace.

The information provided on this page is intended to help you find an international internship within your field of study. Please note that international internships are to be coordinated and approved by your Faculty. 

Which kind of international internship interests you?

Individual international internships – Student-sourced internships

Group-based international internships – Students are placed in small multi-disciplinary teams to work on a project of significance to a host organisation (currently in Malaysia and Indonesia)

Community-based volunteering – Group-based international volunteering programs offered in several locations around the globe

Apply through your faculty

The following organisations offer internship opportunities within Health, Arts and Education, Business and Law, and Science, Engineering and the Built Environment:

Further opportunities can be found at JobShop

How can you fund your international internship?

O’S Help is an option for students who meet the eligibility criteria. Check your Faculty’s WIL website for info on scholarships. When your internship has been approved by your Faculty, you must register your program/travel dates and ensure you complete the pre-departure module at least one month prior to departure.

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