How will the graduation statement be distributed?

For all graduates, the statement will be posted to your nominated postal address.

Can I receive a graduation statement for an award conferred prior to the introduction of the program in October 2010?

Retrospective graduation statements will not be issued. Any award conferred prior to October 2010 will not be eligible to receive a graduation statement.

Can I receive my graduation statement via email?

As with testamurs (award certificate) and transcripts (academic statement), a graduation statement is a secure document which cannot be issued electronically.

What is the difference between the graduation statement and academic transcript?

An academic transcript contains a full history of academic results for all courses you have been enrolled in at Deakin University. The current issuing of transcripts will not change and a free transcript will still be issued once you have been verified as having completed your course. Additional copies may be requested at any time for a small fee. The graduation statement contains specific information pertaining to an individual award and is available only upon conferral of that award.

Will fail/withdrawn results be included on my graduation statement?

All results recorded against the specified award will be presented on the graduation statement. This includes any failures or late withdrawals.

Will my weighted average mark (WAM) or grade point average (GPA) be on the graduation statement?

Deakin University does not currently display a WAM or GPA to its students or graduates. As such, these details will not appear on the Graduation Statement. You can however calculate a WAM for your course using the information on the Weighted Average Mark website. If you have further queries, contact your faculty enrolment officer.

What if there is an error on my graduation statement?

Every effort is made to ensure that your graduation statement is accurate. However, if you find that there is an error on the statement, please contact the Graduations Office for assistance. You will be required to return your original before receiving an amended statement.

What if I have completed a combined award course?

Graduates will receive a separate graduation statement for each award they receive. This means that graduates of a combined program leading to two eligible awards will receive two graduation statements.

Can I request additional or replacement copies of my graduation statement?

Additional copies of the graduation statement are available for purchase from the Graduations Office. For details on the fees and process, visit the Testamurs, transcripts and AHEGS website.

What happens if I receive a University or Faculty prize after I graduate?

Some prizes are awarded after graduation. If you received a University or Faculty prize in recognition of work undertaken as part of your award, you may request a free replacement of your graduation statement from the Graduations Office once the prize has been issued. You will be required to return your original before receiving an amended statement.

Will my internships be recorded on my graduation statement?

Basic details of internships will be included on the graduation statement. If the internship is a compulsory part of the course, this will be mentioned in your course description. If the internship is an enrolled unit for your course, the unit will be displayed as a part of your unit results. Locations of internships and duties undertaken will not be listed in the graduation statement.

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