Testamurs, transcripts and AHEGS

Academic transcripts

All students will receive one original academic transcript, free-of-charge, when deemed eligible to receive their award.

If your major is not listed on your transcript you will need to contact your Faculty Office and they will be able to assist you. Once your Faculty has added your majors to your record, you can request a new transcript. This is done by contacting Deakin Central.

If you require a record or evidence of your enrolment, you can print a copy from StudentConnect by selecting the 'Print evidence of enrolment' link on the left side menu.

Academic transcripts will contain all information regarding any completed units undertaken.

If you require additional copies of your academic transcript or are an ex-student requiring results or information on previous study, please visit the Academic transcript request website.


Testamurs are distributed to students at the time of graduation.

Testamurs can only be re-issued if the original has been lost or stolen, damaged or if a name change is required.  The request for Replacement testamur form, must be completed and returned with payment to the Graduations Office. Payment can be made by cheque or money order made payable to 'Deakin University'.

Replacement charges apply if a testamur is lost, stolen or damaged (if the fault of the graduate). Charges also apply for name changes.

Testamurs will be re-issued free of charge if the graduations office is advised a testamur was damaged or lost in the mail up to 12 months after the graduation date. Requests for replacement testamurs lost or damaged in the mail more than 12 months after graduation will incur a replacement testamur charge.

Testamurs that are damaged or where a name change is required, must be returned to Deakin University before the testamur can be re-issued. 

Unfortunately replacement testamurs for antecedent institutions of Deakin University can not be issued, ie: Gordon Institute of Technology, State College of Victoria- Geelong/Warrnambool, I.A.E and Victoria College- Burwood/Toorak/Clayton.

Please contact Deakin Central if you require further assistance.

Replacement Testamur Charges  
Replacement of testamur and postage to an address within Australia $100
Replacement of testamur and postage to an overseas address $125

Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)


The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) is issued to graduates at the time of conferral (graduation). It provides information on the award that the graduate has completed, their academic results, the institution they have studied at and the Australian higher education system. It is designed to promote a greater understanding of Australian higher education qualifications and graduates, both in Australia and internationally, and enhance the international mobility and professional recognition of graduates. 

Deakin University will produce AHEGS for all students graduating from October 2010 onwards. Graduates will receive their Graduation Statement by mail along with their testamur (award certificate). You will not need to request or pay for a Graduation Statement in the first instance. The statements will be automatically issued at the time of graduation.

Please refer to the table below for replacement AHEGS charges. Payment can be made in person at Deakin Central or over the phone via the Cashier's Office - Geelong (03) 5227 1145 or Burwood (03) 9244 6984. Please ensure you request a receipt for proof of payment which should then be scanned and emailed to the Graduations Office with a request for a new AHEGS to be printed and posted to you. Please ensure you include your student ID number in your email request.

Charges for a replacement AHEGS when sent to an address within Australia or overseas
Replacement AHEGS charges  
Replacement of AHEGS and postage to an address within Australia $40
Replacement of AHEGS and postage to an overseas address $60
Additional copies of AHEGS when ordered with replacement $10

Information which is included in AHEGS

The Graduation Statement includes details on the award conferred, the awarding institution, academic results, any prizes and/or merit-based scholarships awarded to the graduate in relation to the award and a description of the Australian higher education system.

The Graduation Statement content is set by the University, and meets the AHEGS guidelines set out by the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training. Therefore it is not possible to have individual variations on the Graduation Statement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Deakin University's Graduation Statement

For more information on AHEGS please refer to the Commonwealth Government AHEGS website.

If you have any queries regarding the Deakin AHEGS, please contact Deakin Central.

Note: You can find out the delivery status and other information about your documents by contacting Deakin Central at your campus.

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