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To register for services, please fill the form below by answering all questions and pressing 'Submit'.

Before you start filling out this form, please make sure you have your supporting documentation ready as you will need it to submit this form. You can attach your supporting documentation to this online registration form via the file upload (Browse) button below. Supporting documentation can include a scanned document or email.

Please contact the DRC on 9244 6255 if you have any questions about the registration or the supporting documentation to provide. 

Your details
Your disability / health condition
Describe the impact of your disability, health or mental health condition on your studies, and any ideas you have on what may assist you.
Supporting documentation is REQUIRED TO APPLY.

It might include information on your condition, how your study may be affected, whether your condition is permanent, temporary or ongoing, etc. See more details on the Apply for our services page.
Confidentiality and privacy statement
Please read the information and tick the box below if you agree * Deakin stores and communicates information in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the Health Records Act 2001. It may be necessary to discuss the information provided with University staff or with an agency external to the University. If you do not wish such discussions to take place then in some cases it may not be possible to implement a service.

The University’s privacy policy is available from the DRC or online in The Guide.

The information provided on this form and in all attached supporting documentation will be used by the University to:
- Process your registration
- Determine and manage the delivery of services to you
- Collate statistical data required by the Department of Education in return for related funding.

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