Deakin LGBTIQ+ Community

Deakin sees the diversity of its staff and students as a great strength and a much valued asset for our learning community. We support diversity in the higher education sector and we recognise the rights of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex students and employees to learn, live and work, free of prejudice and discrimination, with all the essential freedoms enjoyed by other members of our University community and the broader population.

Prof Jane den Hollander, Vice-Chancellor

The LGBTIQ+ Community is an alliance of people of diverse sexes, genders and sexualities all working together to create a positive university environment. This includes people who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex, queer or questioning their sexuality or straight.

The LGBTIQ+ Community aims to create an inclusive culture by promoting awareness of how our sex, gender and sexuality can shape our everyday experiences.

Deakin's LGBTIQ+ Plan 2017-2020

Deakin's LGBTIQ+ Plan 2017–2020

Deakin's LGBTIQ+ Plan supports the inclusion and wellbeing of all of Deakin’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer students and staff.

The Plan is based on four guiding principles:

  1. Leadership: University leaders (Executive, managers and supervisors) demonstrate an active commitment to LGBTIQ+ inclusion.
  2. Inclusive Policies and Practice: Deakin’s practices, policies and procedures include and support LGBTIQ+ members of the University, including through the acknowledgement of intersex status and diverse gender identities.
  3. Inclusive teaching, language and curriculum: Academic research is harnessed to inform inclusive curriculum development, and LGBTIQ+ inclusive language and ideas are used in University teaching, policies and practices.
  4. Culture and visibility of LGBTIQ+ members of the University: Students and staff experience a University culture which  treats LGBTIQ+ individuals with respect and dignity and promotes an awareness and understanding of issues affecting people of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities.

More about the Deakin LGBTIQ+ Community

The Deakin LGBTIQ+ Community (formerly known as Deakin Allies) was established in 2011 through consultation with staff and students and on feedback from the biennial Staff Diversity Survey. In 2011, Deakin participated in Pride in Diversity’s Australian Workplace Equality Index which gave us useful baseline data to work from as well as goals to work towards. In particular, securing executive support for Deakin Allies and developing a transgender, gender diverse and intersex policy.

Deakin acknowledges that there are challenges facing staff and students of diverse sexes, genders and sexualities and seeks to support staff and students to address these challenges.

The LGBTIQ+ Community aims to:

  • create a university culture that welcomes everyone
  • provide a safe and inclusive environment for all staff and students
  • promote awareness and understanding of issues affecting people of diverse sexes, genders and sexualities
  • eliminate homophobia, transphobia and discrimination
  • ensure that University policies and decisions are inclusive
  • ensure that Deakin students participate in an education that appreciates and values people of all gender identities and sexual orientations
  • actively participate in community events  to celebrate Deakin’s diverse population.

The Community supports the goals established in Deakin University’s Strategic Plan LIVE the future 2020. LIVE the future affirms Deakin’s commitment to its two founding goals:

  • to offer an educational experience which will widen participation and support students from diverse backgrounds
  • to develop lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with rural and regional communities, particularly in Geelong and Western Victoria.

Integral to LIVE the future is the goal to nurture the personal development and wellbeing for students and staff – to foster a vibrant and inclusive culture which crosses discipline and organisational boundaries.

What does the LGBTIQ+ Community do?

As a member of the LGBTIQ+ Community, you will have the opportunity to be involved in activities including:

  • celebrations such as Pride March and  the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHOBIT)
  • planning Community activities
  • informal meetings and gatherings
  • regular email communications.

Join the LGBTIQ+ Community

LGBTIQ+ Community members are staff and students who align themselves with, and advocate on behalf of, staff and students of diverse sexes, sexuality and gender. The Community can be joined by any staff member or student. There is no commitment; you can be as involved as you like. You will receive occasional emails from the LGBTIQ+ Community, notifying you of news and events.

If you would like to become involved, please email or contact Ramon Martinez Mendoza on 03 522 78670.

NEW Gender transition procedure

Deakin has launched a Gender transition procedure for students and staff who identify as trans or gender diverse and who are undergoing or considering a transition. The procedure outlines the University processes for supporting gender transition.

The procedure has the following associated documents:


Wear it PurpleGroup of Deakin Burwood staff wearing purple with hands in the air

Deakin Wore it Purple in August (27–31). Wear it Purple day (31 August) is an internationally recognised day to show support for young LGBTIQ+ people. Deakin offered a free coffee and purple-themed morning tea to students and staff who Wore it Purple on all campuses. There was a great turnout from people keen to show their support, with students and staff from various areas getting together to Wear it Purple.

Generous students and staff also donated their gold coins for Brophy Family and Youth Services, an organisation that supports young LGBTIQ+ people in Portland, Hamilton, Camperdown and Warrnambool.

International Non-Binary People's Day

International Non-Binary People’s Day

July 14 is International Non-Binary People’s Day, a day to about celebrate and honour an LGBTIQ day of significance, and increase awareness of the diversity in our community, including within the LGBTIQ community. Find out more and join the celebration by downloading free social media and print designs at

Being Frank

Being Frank performances

Being Frank, a new theatre-based education program developed by Deakin University in partnership with Transgender Victoria, deals with trans and gender diverse issues. Deakin offered performances for staff and students to increase awareness of transgender issues.



We celebrated International Day Against Homophobia,Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia in May with events across all campuses for staff and students. Participants borrowed human 'books', aka Deakin students and staff who identify as LGBTIQ+, from our Human Library and talked, listened, asked questions and found out more about each person's story. It was a great chance to learn, reflect, and gain a unique insight into the life and perspectives of another person.

Diversity @ Deakin 2018

Diversity @ Deakin

The second Diversity @ Deakin event, 'The stories that shape us' was held on 10 May at the Waterfront Campus. In 2018, we looked at how personal attributes, experiences and circumstances intersect in our lives. Speakers Jacki Brown, Adele Murdolo and Richard Frankland shared their stories of rich and complex lives enhanced by attributes such as their cultural background, sexuality and disability.

Pride March 2018

Pride March 2018

Deakin staff, students, friends and families braved the scorching heat to celebrate Midsumma Pride March on Sunday 28 January 2018.

View the photo gallery from Pride March 2018 to see the Deakin marchers in action.


Australian marriage equalitySupporter: Australian Marriage Equality .org

We are pleased to share the news that Vice-Chancellor Jane den Hollander has pledged Deakin's support for marriage equality. Deakin joins over 900 other organisations pledging support for the Australian marriage equality campaign.

View the Vice-Chancellor's letter of support  (PDF, 620.5 KB), confirming the University’s value for and commitment to diversity and inclusion.


AWEI (Australian Workplace Equality Index)

Deakin has again achieved the status of Bronze Tier employer in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), an index managed by Pride in Diversity, Australia’s first and only national not-for-profit employer support program for all aspects of LGBTI workplace inclusion.

2015 GLBTI Regional Inclusion Champion National Award

RBJ Thomson won Deakin the 2015 GLBTI Regional Inclusion Champion National Award for their work in Warrnambool.

Inaugural Australian Ally Conference

Deakin was a silver sponsor of the inaugural Australian Ally Conference, held at Western Sydney University in June 2016.  The conference explored how best to encourage better communication between Higher Education Ally Networks from across the sector, best practice for dealing with national and local issues regarding the Ally Networks, the latest research in LGBTIQA acceptance and equality and many other topics.


At Deakin, discrimination is prohibited on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation (as defined by the attributes published in the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 [Vic]). Our inclusive policies include parental leave and definitions of family.

Parental leave can be accessed by staff of all genders and staff in same-sex relationships.

Deakin’s inclusive definition of family encompasses a wide range of relationships: blood, marriage, affinity, adoption and dependency. Family responsibilities therefore include care for older people, people with a disability, children, partners and ex-partners and responsibilities associated with extended families, irrespective of sexuality and sexual or gender or identity.

Deakin’s Domestic and Family Violence Support Policy is also inclusive of all genders and of people in same-sex relationships.

Working and studying at Deakin

Preferred name options

Staff - contact your HR Advisor to have your name changed, including a non-binary title and gender listed as ‘MX’.

Students - you can change your legal name or gender by following the instructions on the Change your personal details page.

All gender toilets

Each campus has facilities to support our gender diverse staff and students at the following locations:

Melbourne Burwood CampusGeelong Waurn Ponds CampusGeelong Waterfront CampusWarrnambool Campus




Staff benefits

All staff commencing at Deakin are made aware of the benefits that apply to them as part of the induction process.

Deakin’s Enterprise Agreement 2017 (PDF 6.8MB) defines family as being inclusive of same or different sexes or gender identities and therefore benefits flow on to those staff members who have a same sex partner/family.

De facto partner: A person who, although not legally married to the staff member, lives with the staff member in a relationship as a couple on a genuine domestic basis (whether the staff member and the person are of the same or different sexes or gender identities). The definition also includes a former De Facto Partner of the staff member

Immediate family: a Spouse, De Facto Partner, child (including stepchild), parent (including step-parent), grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle or sibling (including step-sibling) of the staff member or of a Spouse or De Facto Partner of the staff member and also includes a person for whom the person has caring responsibilities arising from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kinship relationship of equivalent status to those listed above.


Deakin’s Superannuation/Death Benefits are provided through UniSuper. The UniSuper website is explicit in its inclusion of same sex partners/families in their policies.

Health insurance

HCF, which is a benefit health insurer through Deakin, provide IVF benefits to same sex couples.

Staff can claim their excess back through the HCF Deakin Health Insurance pool. Travel and relocation by virtue of Deakin University’s Enterprise Agreement 2017 recognising same sex partners, provides for any benefit to extend to the partner regardless of gender.

Deakin has multiple preferred providers, so all staff can assess which provider is the best option for their own family needs, regardless of LGBTIQ or other status.


Deakin says NO to homophobia video transcript

Video of Deakin University staff and students holding up hand written anti-homophobia messages.

Video opens showing a rainbow flag with the words 'Deakin University says NO to homophobia'.

Staff and students hold up banners with the following messages on:

We are all beautiful.
End discrimination today. Equal love = equal rights.
Love, equality and new Prime Minister.
Supportive of everyone.
Elsk forskellighed (Danish, meaning love diversity).
What matters is what is in the head and the heart!
Love has no boundaries. Neither does equal rights. Live together with love and respect for all!
Homophobia - never any excuse.
Love is love.
Marry me equality.
Love me for who I am not who I love.
Love conquers all.
Love is not a family value.
Human rights for all.
Born this way.
Homophobia is curable.
Love is a human right.
Love is not a choice.
Love is not a crime.
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
Born gay, fabulous by choice.
Put an end to homophobia.
Deakin University students against homophobia.
Kindness, kindness, kindness!
Say yes to love.
Silence = death.
Love live learn and listen.
If I 'choose' to be gay, why can't I 'choose' to marry?
Love the way people are.
NO to homophobia.
Freedom to love who we want. A basic human right!
Freedom to be yourself.
Be free to love who you want to.
Love and respect our differences.
Love everyone equally.
Love is all you need.
Say no to homophobia.
I just love who I love.
We are all people.
It should not be illegal to love. It should be illegal to hate!
Say NO to homophobia!
Equal rights to love!
Some people are gay, and that's ok!
Stand up and be free to be who you want to be.
Celebrate love.
Be careful who you hate, it might be someone you love.
Be nobody but yourself.
Don't be afraid to stand up and fight!
Respect and love.
We come in many colours.
Social inclusion - it's not too much to ask!
Love is non discriminatory.
Love is all you need.
It's not gay to say no!

Deakin University says no to homophobia. (Jane den Hollander, Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University)

Deakin Allies thanks the staff and students who celebrated the International Day Against Homophobia with us.

Thank you also to the Geelong Adolescent Sexuality Program for funding our IDAHO celebrations.

Music: 'Popcorn' Tenpenny Joke by T J C Communications Publishing BMI.

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