Fees and finances

There are ATMs available on all campuses:\n\nMELBOURNE BURWOOD CAMPUS\n    Building F  rediATM\n    Building HD and LA (ground floor)  ANZ\n\nGEELONG WAURN PONDS CAMPUS\n    Building JB, Level 2  ANZ\n\nGEELONG WATERFRONT CAMPUS\n    Building D, Level 2  ANZ\n\nWARRNAMBOOL CAMPUS\n    Building H4 (DUSA Bookshop)
The nearest bank branches to the Melbourne Burwood campus are:\n    ANZ  Building HD, Burwood campus\n    RediATM  Building F, Burwood campus\n    Commonwealth Bank  40 Burwood Hwy, Burwood East & 1402-1406 Toorak Rd, Burwood\n    Bank of Melbourne 1419 Toorak Road, Burwood\n    St George Bank  Suite 4, 255 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn\n    National Australia Bank  1397 Toorak Road, Burwood\n\nThe nearest bank branches to the Geelong Waurn Ponds campus are:\n    ANZ  Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, Waurn Ponds\n    Bank of Melbourne  Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, Waurn Ponds\n    Bendigo Bank  Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, Waurn Ponds\n    Commonwealth Bank  Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, Waurn Ponds\n    National Australia Bank  Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, Waurn Ponds\n    Westpac  Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, Waurn Ponds\n\nThe nearest bank branches to the Geelong Waterfront campus are:\n    National Australia Bank  49-51 Malop Street, Geelong\n    Bendigo Bank  63-67 Malop Street, Geelong\n\nThe nearest bank branches to the Warrnambool campus are:\n    ANZ  128 Liebig Street, Warrnambool    \n    Bendigo Bank  Corner LieBig and Koroit Street, Warrnambool\n    Commonwealth Bank 118 Liebig Street, Warrnambool\n    Bank of Melbourne/Westpac  Shop 4, 161-165 Koroit Street, Warrnambool\n    St George Bank 163 Liebig Street, Warrnambool
Cashiers Offices accept payments by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa and Deakin Card for items including:\n\n    Deakin Card\n    key/access card deposits\n    learning materials i.e. manuals, books, notes, instruments, kits\n    Library fines\n    registrations for conferences, workshops, dinners\n    student loans\n    student residence applications\n    study tours, field trips, excursions, camps\n    tuition fees (excluding cash)\n    vaccinations
See Department of Human Services
Deakin Central
A one stop shop located on the Geelong Campus at Waurn Ponds  Melbourne Campus at Burwood and Warrnambool Campus that can assist with all student administration enquiries  including: graduations; course information; results; exam periods; admissions; enrolments and fees. Deakin Central also provides the following services: production  replacement and value-loading of Deakin Cards; official academic transcripts and archive transcripts; payment of fees; information regarding IT services; purchase of parking tickets; authorisation of travel concession forms.
Department of Human Services
Visit the Department of Human Services website for  information on payments and services to support students while studying. A free iPhone app Express Plus is also available to download to view payment history, update study details and much more.
A restriction placed on a student's enrolment for breaching specified due dates or conditions relating to matters such as enrolment fees library loans residential fees or student loans. Encumbrances limit students' access to services provided by the University. Such encumbrances may block provision of a range of important services such as library access result release re-enrolment variation to enrolment and graduation.
Fees and finances
You are subject to the University Admission Process, Enrolment, Fees and Charges Policy and must pay your fees by the specified deadlines or you may have your enrolment encumbered or terminated. Details of fees and charges are published annually in the Student Fees and Charges Guide available on the Fees website.\n\nIt is a student's responsibility to access their invoices online at the beginning of each study period via StudentConnect. Details should be checked carefully, especially after any changes to enrolment.\n\nFind out more at DeakinSync under Enrolment, fees & money or go directly to Fees
Financial assistance
Deakin offers a range of services for students experiencing financial difficulties. Interest-free loans, emergency essentials and myki cards and help planning a budget is available.\n\nFind out more at DeakinSync under Enrolment, fees & moneyor go directly to Financial assistance.
Australian Government loan program to help eligible Commonwealth supported students to pay their student contribution amounts. Higher Education Contribution Scheme  Higher Education Loan Program.
ID Card
See Deakin Card

Invoices are generated through StudentConnect and should be generated then checked by students at the start of each study period. You should also check your invoice again if you change your enrolment and after making a payment.


The enrolment and payment options are listed on the invoice.


Find out more at DeakinSync under Enrolment, fees & money or go directly to StudentConnect.

Overseas Study?...Higher Education Loan Program
Refunds and remission of debt
In special circumstances, if you withdraw from your studies or reduce your enrolment load after the relevant census dates, you can apply to have certain fees and payments re-credited or refunded. There are strict guidelines for remission of debt, so it is important you seek advice from your Faculty.\n\nFind out more on the Fees website.
The Student Amenities Higher Education Loan Program is a loan scheme that allows eligible students to defer all or part of the cost of the Student Services and Amenities Fee.
Student ID
See Deakin Card
Student Services and Amenities Fee
A fee that higher education providers can charge their students for student services and amenities of a non-academic nature  such as sporting and recreational activities  employment and career advice  child care  financial advice and food services.
Study Assist
Study Assist provides information for students about government assistance for financing tertiary study.
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