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Mobile Supported

In Trimester 3, 2018, Deakin is implementing Deakin Video.

Deakin Video combines class capture and streaming with video creation and management in one seamless system.

The Deakin Video suite will be introduced over the next 6 months, beginning with a transition from our current Echo360 class capture system. For more information please visit Deakin Video.

EchoSystem enables students to view and download audio and video of recorded classes and web recordings through CloudDeakin.

Note: Please ensure that your browser did not block Flash plugin. Refer to the instructions on how to enable Flash plugin.

Software required to use EchoSystem


  • Mozilla Firefox (Deakin's preferred browser)
  • Latest version of Google Chrome
  • Internet Edge
  • Latest version of Safari

Browser plugin

  • Adobe Flash player (cannot be installed on iOS devices)

Mobile platform

The EchoCenter is supported on the following mobile platforms:

  • Apple iOS: Supported on iPad and iPhone
    Note: Live streaming is only supported on Dolphin.
  • Google Android: Supported.
  • Windows Surface Pro: Supported.

Media Player

  • Quicktime
  • Windows Media Player
  • VLC

Podcast subscriber

  • iTunes

Note: In venues where two separate displays are available, Echo system will capture both screens, you will need to use EchoCentre to view all the content that have been presented. When not viewing the recordings through EchoCentre, you are limit to view only the primary display.

Using EchoCentre

The EchoCentre can be accessed via the Resources area of your CloudDeakin site and is a central place where you can:

  1. access all the audio and visual recordings for your unit
  2. access your bookmarks
  3. access a recording
  4. play (stream) a recording using the EchoPlayer
  5. download a recording
  6. subscribe to an RSS feed

The recording list is automatically updated as recordings become available.

Note: Not all classes are using Echo recordings. Teaching staff may also link directly to the individual Echo recording in unit site. For further queries about the Echo recordings, please contact your Unit Chair. You can find your Unit Chair's contact details on Unit Site Home Page or refer to your Unit Guide. For technical queries, please contact the IT Help.

Echo Centre

Play a recording

  1. Select from a list of available recordings to view information about the recording and to access options for playback in the right pane.
  2. Choose desired recording from the list and click on Play Echo button towards your right hand side.
  3. In the Echo Player, use the back 30 seconds, rewind, play, pause, fast-forward and set back play rate buttons to control playback and use the volume control to adjust volume.
    Echo Player control
  4. Use the APPS (Applications) menu on the right-hand side to:
    1. go to a scene
    2. display information about the recording
      Note : If there is a transcript for the recording, you will be able to download this under Info .
    3. Get help
      Echo Player Apps
  5. Click on the closed captioning button Icon of Closed Captioning appear at the bottom of the page to refer to closed captions.
    Note : Not all recordings have closed captions.

Download a recording

  1. Select from a list of available recordings to view information about the recording and to access options for playback in the right pane.
  2. Click on Audio File to download the MP3 version of the audio or click on Video File to download the M4V version of the video.
    Note: Video file is not available for audio-only recordings.
  3. Click on Download media file . You will be prompted to save the file to your computer.
    Note: Only the primary recording display will be downloaded.
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