Airport Reception for New Students

Use this application if you are:

  • A degree student, exchange/study abroad student or English Language student of Deakin University.
  • You require us to assist you with booking an airport pickup on your first time arrival to Australia.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).


I understand that the airport pickup service is free to all commencing international degree/exchange/study abroad and English Language students, but that family members accompanying me may be required to pay a fee directly to the driver.

I understand that the University requires at least 72 working hours to confirm my airport pickup. I am aware that my request may not be processed if I lodge an application in less than 72 hours prior to my departure. I understand that I am responsible for the information provided in this application and that any incorrect information may result in my application not being processed in time for my arrival.

I understand that I am responsible to carry all luggage outside of the airport and that I may be required to pay a fee for excess luggage.

Declaration *

Choose your pathway

If you will study an English Language course before your degree course, or if English Language is the only course you will do at Deakin University, please choose "English Language Student", otherwise, choose one of the other options if you are not studying English.

Passenger Information

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Departure Information

Please enter the origin flight information.

Departure date *
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Arrival Information

Arrival date *
Arrival time *
Please note only 2 pieces of standard check in luggage and 1 carry on bag can be transported. If your combined luggage weighs more than 40kg you may incur an extra charge from the airport shuttle driver.
Please note any passengers who are not students will be required to pay a fee to the driver. If any passengers are Deakin students they must submit their own airport pickup booking

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