Decision making

Career fit

Finding the "right" career fit is complex and priorities can change over time or because of circumstances. Before you begin your job search, please consider the following:

Step 1: Ask yourself

  • Where do my interests lie?
  • What am I good at?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What do I value in work and life?
  • What motivates me?

Step 2: Research roles and industries

  • What type of roles, industries organisations inspire my interest?
  • Which of these roles would give me the chance to do what I am good at?
  • Which tasks in this role I would enjoy performing?
  • Do my values match with this organisation, role industry?
  • Are there opportunities in this role available and where are they available?
  • What qualifications, majors and experience level is required for this role?

A few ways to research

  • Reading position descriptions in areas related to your study
  • Use the career mentor program to do an informational interview or 3
  • Job shadowing
  • Work experience
  • Take a look at My Future and the Jobs Guide
  • Connect with professional groups on LinkedIn
  • Connect with professional associations
  • Organisation websites in industries of interest
  • Search Deakin University on LinkedIn to view alumni career paths.

For  further help with decision making please make an appointment to see a career consultant

Choosing a major

When making  course and major choices remember that as with career fit you need to consider your interests, values and abilities.

Do your research

Decision making

  • Now that you are in the know, you're hopefully able to make links between what you want, and which majors will get you there
  • If you need to narrow the choice as a few majors could potentially fit give the grid method a go
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