Managing your career online

5 tips for managing your career online

The internet is a rich source of easily accessible career, job, industry and organisation information. It is a tool with which you can create your personal brand and build mutually beneficial professional networks. Follow these 5 tips to enhance your career management in the digital world.

Change with the times

  • Online technology is an ever changing landscape be prepared to adapt and learn to use new  tools to support your career aspirations.
  • Test out a range of online mediums, consistently assess and reassess how these can work for you or what else you could add to the mix.
  • Be willing to move outside your online comfort zone to build your career

Connect - use social networks to get ahead

  • Build relationships and mutually beneficial networks which support your career goals
  • Give LinkedIn a go, connect to other professionals, join interest groups and contribute to discussions, follow industry leaders and organisations
  •  Blog or respond to blogs in order to connect with like minded professionals
  • Don't discount Twitter or  Facebook, these too can be a valuable source of professional connections.


  • Know your audiences, appropriately adapt your communication style and mediums to suit those you wish to reach
  • Effectively tailor your online documents, posts, and profiles for work or job search to the  media you choose. For example twitter allows only 140 characters so you need maximum impact with minimum words
  • Use netiquette, be respectful of others posts, carefully consider how to express tone, mind your language and introduce yourself appropriately when engaging with someone for the first time.
  • Create online content which genuinely represents you, builds a consistent picture and promotes your interests

Research your professional interests

  • Get to know google,  for example using quote marks streamlines searches, this can be very useful for researching organisations, individuals or checking your own digital foot print
  • LinkedIn can be a valuable source of up-to-date career information, utilise groups, articles and investigate individuals and organisations
  • Company websites are a rich source of opportunities as well as  information on the organisation's culture and its goals
  • Use online position descriptions to gain a better understanding of what a role entails

Evaluate and evolve

  • Re-examine,assess  and evolve your digital footprint  when you need to
  • Ego-surf  (google yourself) on a regular basis to check for both positive and negative impression materials.
  •  If  possible remove any negative or misinformation you find about yourself, otherwise try to minimise it by creating positive postings that sit at the top of a search.
  • Don't believe everything you read or see on the internet when researching career information or advice; check your sources for credibility.
  • Always consider an information source's context and  relevance to your particular circumstance

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