Interviews and assessment centres


    You are invited to an interview because a prospective employer likes what they saw  in your initial application and wishes to assess your fit with the role and their organisation. An interview gives you an opportunity to expand on the application and showcase your skills and experience. It also give you the chance to learn more about the employer.

    There are many forms of interview including:

    • phone or video interviews (pre-recorded or live)
    • face to face interviews (one on one, group or panel)

    Career Guru is a fantastic resource for learning more about interviews, preparing and practicing.

Assessment Centres

Assessment centres are a recruitment technique often used by larger organisations and can consist of combination of :

  • group exercises
  • role plays
  • case studies
  • technical and problem solving exercises
  • aptitude tests
  • psychometric testing
  • motivation /values assessments

For more information have a look at Succeeding at an assessment centre and Psychometric testing

assessment centre

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