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Careers in economics

As an economist you can advise and provide forecasts to government and businesses on matters such as taxation levels, wages, prices, employment levels, interest rates, exchange rates, imports and exports.

You will apply abstract reasoning, logic and mathematical techniques to provide conceptual models for analysing complex problems.

Depending on your area of specialisation and level of expertise, you may perform tasks such as:

  • Formulating government economic policies
  • Analysing the effects of monetary policies, expenditure, and taxation on the community and economy
  • Improving efficiency and international competitiveness
  • Studying how industrial relations issues such as wage fixation and industrial disputes affect productivity
  • Preparing forecasts, analysing trends and researching the effect of programs on economic growth nationally and internationally
Melbourne Burwood Campus

Skills and attributes

You will need to demonstrate the following skills and attributes to gain employment in economics:

  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Ability to think laterally and creatively
  • High attention to detail
  • Analytical and research ability
  • Problem solving skills
  • High level organisational skills
  • Negotiation skills

Related roles include:

  • Actuary
  • Policy analyst
  • Researcher
  • Political scientist
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Salary and job outlook

You can learn more about graduate salaries and graduates job outcomes for economics at Graduate Careers Australia.

You can look at industry trends and employment prospects by visiting Australian Government Job Outlook.

Professional associations are an invaluable connection to industry information, networking and professional development opportunities. Most offer student membership discounts. Follow the link to search for professional associations related to your course.

Book an appointment with Jobshop for more information.

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