A balanced graduate

The balanced graduate – what are employers looking for?

Are you wondering how employers differentiate between thousands of applications for a graduate position? Employers are looking for the 'balanced graduate' – someone who has been able to achieve in many areas of their life, not only in their studies.

To show that you are a balanced graduate your resume should include:

Academic performance

  • Highlight awards, scholarships and academic achievements
  • Studies most relevant to the job you are applying for

Personal development

  • Team based activities such as clubs, societies, and committees
  • Leadership activities such as supervisory responsibilities or strategic roles in groups (e.g. committee secretary)
  • International travel and study abroad demonstrating your global perspective

Relevant work experience

  • Work experience and internships relevant to the employer or role
  • Volunteering which is highly regarded by most employers

Employers want to see links between your career goal and your studies, personal development and relevant experience.

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