Deakin Internship Scheme

As part of Deakin's strategic plan LIVE the future, the Deakin Internship Scheme aims to nurture the personal development of our students.

Essential to the 'Experience' promise, an Internship at Deakin will provide students with an opportunity to gain practical workplace experience whilst applying knowledge and theory gained during their studies.

Since the introduction of the Deakin Internship Scheme in 2007, over 60 students have participated in the program with great success.

Internships have been offered in many areas of Deakin including Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Business Administration, Construction Management and Governance among others.

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About the Internship

The Internship consists of an unpaid placement within an area of the University for a minimum of 100 hours to work on a specific project, task/s or operational activity.

The student must complete an Internship unit and associated assessments at the same time as the Internship.

Incorporated into the Internship, is the Intern 'Get Together Day' - a developmental day designed to provide tools, hints and tips to assist students with the transition from University to the workforce.

To enquire about internship opportunities at Deakin, please complete the register of interest.

Benefits for students

Graduate recruiters constantly rate students who have completed an internship higher than those who haven't. Completing an internship demonstrates that you have initiative, dedication and are committed to starting a career in your particular discipline. It also provides a great opportunity for you to gain practical workplace experience in your field of study and can help to determine your career path.

In a competitive market, experience is the key to having a competitive edge over other graduates. Undertaking the Deakin Internship Scheme provides you with an opportunity to get some valuable and relevant experience in your chosen career path.

Opportunity, experience and understanding is how the Deakin Internship Scheme can help you 'connect to your career'. Further, the Internship counts towards your degree, earning you a credit point - either as a core unit or as an elective.

What do our past Interns say?

"I was so excited that I would get the chance to complete an Internship because I get to apply the skills that I had learned during my studies." Mischelle Be, Governance Intern, 2013

"I would recommend the program to all students as the vital workplace skills learned and the priceless experience of taking part in an Internship are invaluable on a resume."  Fiona Stiles, HR Intern, 2013

"Apart from practical work experience, the Internship was also a chance for me to work on my personal skills such as communication in a professional environment, teamwork and critical thinking. I would recommend the Deakin Internship Scheme to all fellow students as it will give you the momentum to go further in your chosen career."  Quang Luu, Operational Finance Intern, 2013

"As a Deakin University HR Intern, I gained valuable work experience to supplement my studies. The program was designed to complete specific individual tasks and responsibilities as well as learn about the work in the HR Division as a whole. The Internship program at Deakin has greatly contributed to my learning and it was the best opportunity to interact with many professionals and gain an understanding about the HR function."  Missy Miyamoto, HR Intern, 2013

"The Internship has taught me practical workplace skills, built on my professional relations and will now increase my chances of an ongoing full-time position. I feel much more prepared for what lies ahead of me when I enter the workforce."  Cassandra Xavier, Division of Student Life Intern, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Deakin Internship Scheme find me an internship?

No, the Deakin Internship Scheme is the actual program where a student is placed in an area of Deakin University.

Eligible students can apply for one or multiple Deakin internships that are advertised on JobShop. Areas of the University will select an intern based on a competitive process.

Do I have to be from the Faculty of Business and Law to apply?

No, the Deakin Internship Scheme is open to all eligible Deakin undergraduate, post-graduate and HDR students provided they meet any requirements of the relevant unit. Students must enrol in their relevant internship unit subject to their degree/field of study. This enrolment is a mandatory requirement for participating in the program.

Eligible units are not listed here because they change frequently. For information, contact for students in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, Sarah White for students in the Faculty of Arts and Education or for students in all other Faculties. It is the student's responsibility to check their own eligibility prior to applying.

What happens after I register my interest through the online form?

Once you register your interest your details are recorded on a database. You will be notified of any internship opportunities currently being recruited for. If an opportunity arises in the future, you will be contacted by Human Resources and advised how to apply.

A registration of interest is not an application for a specific internship.

How many internships are offered each Trimester?

The number and location of internships will vary each Trimester. To be kept up to date on internship opportunities it is recommended that you complete the register of interest.

What does the application process involve?

Opportunities are advertised regularly on the JobShop website - for full details it is important to refer to the advertisement. Generally, applicants will be asked to complete an online application form and submit a resume and a copy of their academic transcript as well as address the selection criteria.

More information

For more information about the DIS please contact Michelle Jolly from the Human Resources Division.

For assistance with eligibility and course requirements, please contact a Student Adviser in your Faculty or the Work Integrated Learning team in the Faculty of Business and Law.

Information for Deakin Internship Supervisors

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