Information for supervisors

The Deakin Internship Scheme places current Deakin students who are eligible to complete an Internship unit (in the same trimester as the Internship) within an area of the University to gain practical work experience.

Over the course of the trimester, the student spends 1 - 2 days per week (for 100 – 120 hours) in the office completing a specific project/s, task/s or operational activities.

The student is guided by a supervisor and buddy from your area.

Benefits for our students

  • The Internship is recognised as a unit of study and contributes to the student's degree
  • It provides an opportunity to EXPERIENCE a real workplace, apply theory and gain new skills
  • It enables a more Worldly employment perspective and the possibility for further employment

Benefits to your area

  • It gives you access to a current student's experience, challenges and perspective
  • Adds an additional resource to assist with a specific project, task, research assignment or activity
  • Assists to identify talent for upcoming vacancies and/or build a talent pool
  • It provides development opportunities within your area to supervise the Intern

If you're interested in taking on an Intern, please contact Sonia Wu, HR Coordinator (Employee Capability and Development), phone 522 78044.

The process

DIS process 

Task (Due) Dates

HRD to call for Internship projects on Staff News

7th January

FIOA complete the project plan template (project template) and sends this to the HRD

19th January

HRD advertises the Internship on JobShop (upon receipt of your project plan)

22nd Jan – 6th Feb

HRD forwards applications to FIOA for short-listing. 

Completed by 11th Feb

FIOA organises and undertakes interviews with short-listed students

Completed by 20th Feb

FIOA selects the student and notifies HRD

Completed by 23rd Feb

FIOA contacts the student to confirm their start and end date (exact dates are required for the application form: 100 – 120 hours) and asks that the student completes a visitor form

Completed by 24th Feb

The student works with their Faculty to finalise enrolment

Needs to be completed before start date

FIOA organises for the visitor form to be processed and IT access to be created

Completed by 5th March

The student commences their Internship

Week commencing 9th March

FIOA ensures the Intern receives induction

Week commencing 9th March (student's first day of Internship)

FIOA regularly catches up with the Intern throughout the Internship

Ongoing during the Internship

The Intern completes their assigned tasks (over the trimester, 1 - 2 days a week for 100 - 120 hours, determined by you and the Intern) and the unit assignments (in their own time)

Ongoing during the Internship

The Internship concludes  (any changes to end dates must be advised to the Faculty as soon as they are known as this affects assignment due dates)On the agreed end date (after completion of 100 – 120 hours).

Important things to note

  • Students must be eligible to enrol in an Internship unit/subject to complete the Internship. These are done in tandem. Eligibility cannot be guaranteed until enrolment, i.e. preliminary eligibility checks will be conducted at the outset, but should an issue arise with enrolment, the student may need to withdraw.
  • Not all project plans will be approved. The project must be relevant and suitable for an Internship i.e. relates to the student's course of study.
  • You must plan for the successful Intern's start and end dates with them prior to their commencement. This is necessary to complete their Internship Unit Enrolment Application form. This can be done after the selection interview.

Tools for supervisors

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